1. There is no work in the world that is not hard, and no one is not complicated. Don't lose your temper at will, no one owes you. Learn to be low-key, there must be gains and losses between the trade-offs, not too much. Learn to be practical and pragmatic, and the harder you work, the luckier you are.
    2, 10 If you think about ordinary life, you will encounter ordinary setbacks . If you think about the best life, you will definitely get the strongest damage. The world is fair, and if you want the best, it will definitely hurt you.
    3, I always believe that time will prove that no matter how many nights you are tired, it is correct to stick to your face for half an hour! I also always believe that your daily hard work will always pay off, life is endless, hard work, and good luck always comes! I don't believe in life, because my life is in my own hands!
    4, do not speak, no one knows what you want; do not do, any ideas are only swimming in your mind; do not take the step, never find your way forward. In fact, you are very strong, just lazy to help you down.
    5, you are still very young, you will meet many people in the future, experience a lot of things, get a lot, will lose a lot, but in any case, there are two things you must not discard. One is called conscience, one is ideal.
    6. If you have seen the strong people working hard, you will understand that the reason why those people can reach the height that others can't reach is because they have eaten a lot of suffering that others can't eat. There has never been a lifetime of luck in this world, only unseen efforts.
    7. Ten hearts are more important than anything else. You must take care of yourself and admit your own ordinary, but strive to develop in a good direction, you can calmly face life, and listen to your inner feelings safely, without other influence, you can Confused, please don't waste.
    8. When life makes you hit the wall and break the blood, don't be afraid. Without these setbacks, how can you train a reinforced iron bone? When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, don't be depressed, you will take out a thousand. Reason to laugh at it.
    9, you know that you can do it, others think that you may be able to do it, then, less nonsense, do it again, other grievances are illusory. If you don't show your light, you shouldn't blame others for not having a vision.
    10. Even if you have to work hard to make trouble for you, you must do your best to smash the past ; even if others try to make it difficult for you, you must be brave and brave. Be a self-improvement. Stronger than yourself, stronger than anything! Don't ask for everything to go well, but do everything in your heart; don't seek to control others, but seek to master yourself. Remember, children without umbrellas must work hard. By your own people, life is best!
    11, too many poisonous chicken soup tells you that the years you want will be given to you, but it does not tell you, what you want, what time is for you! All counterattacks are prepared. All the light, it takes time to be seen. All fortunate, all the hard work is buried!
    12, a little more effort every day, not for anything else, just to be able to choose more in the future, choose the small days of Yunjuan Yunshu, choose the people you like.
    13. Not everyone can be what they want, but everyone can work hard and be what they want. Believe in yourself, you can break into a butterfly as you shackle.
    14, your face is light and windy, no one knows how tight your teeth are. You laughed without heart, no one knows that you can only cry silently. You have to work very hard to make people feel that you have no effort to spend a day that you can touch. After that, the years you want will be returned to you!
    15. Don't be particularly fortunate, then please work hard, don't fail because of laziness, and misunderstand the reasons for your own bad luck. You must work hard to be effortless.
    16. Efforts are to jump out of the circle you hate. Reading is to stay away from the scum garbage. Fitness is to let the nasty people talk to you calmly. Only when you become a better self, the world is yours.
    17. When ten people take me seriously, I can't take myself too seriously. When everyone doesn't take me seriously, I have to be able to get myself. This is calm, this is calm.
    18, instead of admiring the wisdom of others, it is better to diligently make up for it; rather than envy others, it is better to fight for themselves; rather than envy others, it is better to be a steelmaker; rather than envy others, it is better to accumulate.
    19, 10 As long as there is tomorrow, we should learn to struggle, learn to work hard, learn to try new things, instead of watching others' success and blessing others' efforts. It’s better to retreat to the net than the squid.
    20, do not have to imitate others, do not go with the flow, believe that you are a beautiful landscape! Others are always others, and they are the only ones in the world. Since you are fortunate enough to come to this world, you should make yourself more exciting.
    21, don't always complain that life is not lucky enough. You owe a hard life. Every time you hate it, there is a hard work. The future is not beautiful, depending on whether you are fighting now.
    22, no one will pay for your future, you either try to climb up, or rotten in the bottom of the society, this is life.