1. In life, some choices are helpless, and some loss is fate. Some things have passed, and regrets have no benefit; some people have left, and they are useless. Life, a lot of love, but the years of spring and autumn; a lot of people, not far from Guanshan Road.
  2, learn to smile, gradually your temperament will get better and better; learn to adapt, gradually your situation will be more and more smooth; learn to understand, gradually your confidant will be more and more; learn to tolerate Gradually, your life will become more and more beautiful; learn to appreciate, gradually your interpersonal relationship will become wider and wider; learn to be modest, gradually your belly will be wider and wider; learn to be good, gradually your The world will be getting cleaner.
  3, there is a kind of edge, if you let go, you will become a fireworks landscape; have a heart, insist that the Chinese is sincere; there is a kind of love, the choice has not regretted; one second, the next second will be hope. What I can do now is: If you walk alone, I will follow; if you cry, I will depend on each other; never give up.
  4, do not read the world, how to understand the four words of the world, not to look at the thousands of flowers and hundreds of millions of flowers, knowing the prosperity and glitz.
  5, self-confidence is a persuasive force. At the beginning, it seems that it will not succeed . If you insist on doing it, it will become a proof of itself. On the contrary, if you are hesitant and retreat because of other people's doubts or criticisms, then you will defeat yourself without the block of others.
  6. All of them, we may lose first, then lose after we get it, and we won't lose if we don't get it. The total number is the same. Therefore, life really does not have to be too careless, do not have to deliberately calculate, as long as you have a good experience.
  7, like people to get along with each other, not too tired, not so much care, faint friendship is like a touch of tea is intoxicating. I like to have a faint discourse, no diligence and no chance, just a faint blessing can make people feel very touched.
  8, time, as some of the old photos, repeatedly broadcast in the memory, always afraid to think, years later, I can still remember by whom, who would not understand the hearts of sadness . Those who say that the promise of life and death, whether walking or not, will disappear. And those, the beautiful face of time, always inadvertently will be stolen by the annual ring.
  9. Each choice has a different ending, just like taking a different road will have different scenery. Therefore, if you want to see the splendid scenery, you may wish to ponder and make a choice.
  10. A friend who knows your tears is better than a group of friends who only know your smile. Some people are good to you because you are good to him, some people are good to you, because you know how to be good. Happiness, there is no shortcut, no perfection, happiness, only business, only true.
  11. A person who knows how to be grateful is a kind person, a man with a heart and a heart, a person with a clear heart. With gratitude, you can feel the moistness of a drop of water, the fragrance of a flower, to read the warmth from the smile of others.
  12. During the journey of life, everyone is busy with people who know that this is enriching life. But the most valuable encounter is that at a certain moment, you will meet your past again, and at that moment you will understand: going around the world is just to find a way back.
  13. The timing is very important if two people can walk together. You appear when he wants to settle, then you will win a lot. You appear when he is full of curiosity about the world, so even if you are more beautiful, it is useless. Love is deep, love is early, not as good as love.
  14. If you love, please love deeply; if you give up, please be thorough, don't be jealous, hurt others. The most regrettable thing in life is to give up easily and should not give up, stubbornly insisted that it should not be adhered to. Some losses are doomed, and some fates are inconclusive. To love someone does not necessarily have to have it. If you have someone, you must love it.
  15. I used to think that love is all about life; but one day I found out that it was only part of my time that was wasted. I used to think that if I fell in love, I wouldn’t be lonely; but one day I found out that loneliness still fell in love with me. I used to think that I fell in love with you, and I can retreat from the whole body; but one day I found out that I was full of scars.