First, life, hard, understand life, more difficult. In the past and the present, joy and sorrow are half each. I can only say that life is impermanent, and we don’t know who is waiting for someone at the corner. However, there is always such a person, such a person, to undertake my life, and give me a happy life.
  Second, the world is unpredictable, and the people are fickle and fickle. What you want to have today is not necessarily happy in the future. Many things can only be considered a burden. Life is a complicated thing. Who can predict the story of the next second? Then, just live, use this second action to change the fate of the next second. Because the past has become history, and only by grasping the present can grasp the future.
  Third, everyone has a corner in their hearts, covered with gauze, filled with dust. One day, I opened the cloth and found that there was a firefly in it. A little bit of fluorescence, warming the past years.
  4. Cherish everything that you can experience. Life is so many decades. If you take your own path, you must have your own thinking, have a firm will, adhere to your own beliefs , persist in your own pursuit, and cannot relax your demands. Not to be able to spend your life in a confused way. Life can't be vain, and you have to be worthy of yourself.
  5. Everyone has a spiritual world that no one else knows. Everyone is eager to have someone who understands himself, understands himself, cares for himself, and cares about himself. We want to find a rational, gentle, passionate, intelligent person to pull us, we want the mind to take off easily, want to let the long-lost emotions return.
  6. Don't forget to give your mind a little ease during your busy life. Let your happiness and calm grow naturally. Give your life a deep breath at any time. You will find that beauty is everywhere, and happiness is at your fingertips! Wish you a wonderful day!
  Seven, in this world, only youth and dreams can not live up to. The flowers bloom just right, the breeze is not dry, sails and sails, chasing dreams.
  Eight, hold your hands, nothing; open your hands, the world is in your hands! From small to large, we are educated how to work hard, how to persist, how to never give up. In fact, many times, we need to learn how to give up.
  Nine, in life, no matter how many regrets, how much soreness, fortunately, unfortunately, are the past, all used to, let go, it will be easy. In life, no matter how brilliant, how wonderful, how many twists and turns, how many failures, will not be perfect, and work hard, there should be no regrets!
  Ten, no action, laziness will take root! Without dreams, the fall will take root! The longer the time, the deeper the roots! It is very difficult to stand up when you want to stand up! So, in order to stand up very well, Don't stop your steps! The harder you work, the more fortunate, don't give too many excuses for young people. Now you can do it, except for hard work, nothing else.
  11. On the rough road of life, if you want to do something, if you have the ability to do it, then don't wait, don't be afraid of failure; if you want to give love, just feel it, then be bold, don't leave regrets. Life depends on one's own business; work depends on one's own efforts.
  Twelve, life is like this, others only look at the results, they support the process. In the face of life, in addition to being strong , we continue, there is no choice! The road can look back, but we can't go back!
  Thirteen, people do not perfect, happiness is not a hundred points, the world's most unhappy are those who think too much of people. Take your own path and be your own dream. There is no need to take someone else's map to find your own journey. My life is my master!
  Fourteen, life in this guest, why must thousands of knots, want to have to work hard, after hard work, do not care about the results. Success is the reward, and failure is the normal experience. All the fame and fortune is actually a cloud of smoke in the morning and evening. What you really have is your own mood. Why not let it go, and torture yourself.
  Fifteen, the character of the person is shaped by the growing environment. After many years, whether you realize your character, perfect or flawed, you can't change it. Just like a person's moral cleansing, with or without, defines whether your whole life is noble or mean.
  16. Everyone has a heart that is moving when he is young. Most of the sorrows of youth are illusions. Because I have never fallen to the ground and have not experienced the hardships of life, I don’t really know the pain. Life is the best mentor. When you have gone through the vicissitudes of life, you naturally learn to be quiet; when you really have nowhere to go, naturally learn to rise up and kill a bloody way. Cherish the present, you can not fear the future.
  Seventeen, life can not wait for others to arrange. What kind of life you want is only known to you. If you go to planning and design, you can fight and struggle yourself, adjust and change yourself, and you can get closer and closer to your ideal life. Even if it doesn't do everything, you can proudly say that I have tried my best, so I won't regret it.
  Eighteen, life is alive, short-lived but a hundred years. Time is quiet, heart, always smile and warm; not imaginary, not expecting, living well today, let the day be simple and beautiful; beautiful, stay in the bottom of my heart; unfortunately, disperse with the wind. Live in the moment, and do and cherish.
  Nineteen, not every shell has pearls, but the pearl must appear in the shell, not everyone will succeed, but the successful person must work hard!
  20. We must accept disappointment because it is limited, but never lose hope because it is endless.