A person's life must be crazy once, whether it is for a person, a love, a journey, or a dream . Love is very precious, many people do not know how to cherish possession, only to lose to see, in fact, the most familiar is the most precious.
  2 Some people once missed it, they are no longer willing to contact themselves for a lifetime, they are not willing to disturb your life, even the occasional chills are not, growth is like this, constantly bid farewell to constant encounters. When a person in love life gives all the time to the other party, this person often ends up being abandoned. Because he is already unattractive
  3 I really love you, close my eyes and think that I can forget, but the tears that shed, but did not lie to myself. When I was drunk, I knew that the wine was strong, and I loved it before I knew it. You can't do my poem, just as I can't do your dreams.
  4 Feelings are sometimes a process in which a predecessor planted a tree to enjoy the cold, but I taught you to learn to love, not to ask you to love others. Once upon a time, I thought I found the happiness I wanted, but when I paid for nothing, I realized that it was always my wishful thinking.
  5 Happiness is not how many people you can control, but how many people are around you. The most gratifying thing for people: parents who are alive, confidant two or three, and thieves who cannot steal, others are illusions, don't worry too much.
  6 When someone suddenly disappears from your life , don't ask why, just when he or she is there, you just need to accept it, no matter friends or lovers. Don't take all the grievances and accept them all. Don't always bite your teeth and be stubborn. Don't be afraid to reject others. Don't be afraid of trouble, don't let your goodness hurt yourself.
  7 Feelings don't come first, obviously I met you first, but you gave your gentle patience to the later people. A person's best life, have their own life and fun, and strive to improve themselves. No one cares when they love themselves, and when they love, they have the ability to embrace each other.
  8 Don't comfort me when you leave me. You must know that every time you mend, you have to suffer from puncture pain. I used to think that treating someone who loves you will always be forever. Now, it is just a joke.
  9 The one who makes you cry is your favorite person. The one who knows your tears is the one who loves you the most. The one who wipes your tears for you is the one who will last with you. I never thought about using the way to leave, letting you learn to cherish, and never want to use the way to give up, let you regret, I just loved you for a long time and did not get a response, I am just tired.
  10 Everyone has a secret wound in their hearts. The farthest distance in the world is not love, not hate, but a familiar person, gradually becoming strange. A relationship, if you can't see the future, you can't feel the present, then, it's better to be clear and early, you are you, me and me.
  11 It turns out that two people who have been intimate will not be as good as passers-by; it turns out that two people who care so much about love will lose contact completely. Excessive enthusiasm will spoil the loved ones, and the cold and hot reply will push the person who loves you the most.
  12 The most regrettable thing is that I can't find a reason to meet again in this life; but I am afraid that I will pay so much sincerity and become a dog in your mouth. It’s good that you are gone, or you are always worried that you have to go. After that, I am holding everyone and continue to love you for a long time.