First, choose a posture, let yourself live irreplaceable, there is no so-called luck, only absolute effort.
  Second, on the road of life, I have never retired from the whole body, and I have enjoyed it. I won it for nothing. If you don't work hard, you will get the game.
  Third, work hard to jump out of the circle you hate. Reading is to stay away from the scum garbage. Fitness is to let the nasty people talk to you calmly. Only when you become a better self, the world is yours.
  Fourth, how many chicken soups are less secure than a banknote. Feel less emotional and work harder. The kind of life you have thought of, you have to earn yourself.
  5. Whose life is not a thorny move? When you fall, when you are upset, when you taste your tears, please don’t give up, because there is never a kind of persistence that will be disappointed. Please believe that your persistence will be beautiful.
  Sixth, your own efforts in exchange for success , and then success will be like a slap in the face of those who have looked down on you, how loud and loud, how cool and how cool!
  Seven, no one can go back to the past to start again, but anyone can write a completely different ending from now on.
  Eight, don't speak, no one knows what you want; don't do it, any thoughts are only swimming in your mind; if you don't take steps, you can never find your way forward. In fact, you are very strong, just lazy to help you down.
  Nine, if you have seen the strong people working hard, you will understand that those people can reach the height that others can't reach, all because they have eaten a lot of suffering that others can't eat. There has never been a lifetime of luck in this world, only unseen efforts.
  Osamu, the 23rd solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar, is also the fifth solar term in winter, marking the official start of the winter season.
  Ten, all comfort is a stumbling block before the ability matches the ideal. If you can solve it with sweat, don't use tears.
  XI. The more people can't get rid of you, the harder you have to work hard. The more others attack you, the more you have to make achievements! To be like lime, the more people splash the cold water, the more boiling you are!
  Twelve, every powerful person, biting his teeth, spending a period of no help, no one supports, no one is cold and warm. In the past, this is your adult gift, you can't go, beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit.
  Thirteen, if you succeed, eating green vegetables is called health; if you fail, eating green vegetables is called shabby. This is not chicken soup, this is called reality!
  14. The meaning of hard work: Don't be when your parents need you, except for tears, nothing. Don't have nothing but a child when you need it. Don't look back when you look back, except for nothing!
  Fifteen, do not take the effort, are perfunctory! You must be convinced that all the hurdles that are not going now will one day be said to be a joke.
  Sixteen, not afraid that you take a small step every day, I am afraid that you are stagnant. Perseverance is a kind of perseverance of life !
  Seventeen, you are diligently charging, you work hard, you keep your body, you smile at people, these are not to please others, but to dress yourself and illuminate your heart. Tell yourself: I am an independent force.
  18, face difficulties and setbacks as long as you believe in yourself, and constantly strive to pay, even if your current life is from scratch, you can do it.