1. Everyone has a dream , big or small. On the way to chase dreams, we will always encounter difficulties and troubles. As long as our footsteps do not stop, victory is more than whoever persists . As long as you are not decadent, not negative, you have been quietly brewing optimism , fostering open-mindedness, persisting in kindness, as long as you are on the road, there is no distance to reach! - Dear, good morning everyone!
  2, for the sake of dreams, for tomorrow, in order to live better, we must work hard to struggle , persistence is victory.
  3, the road, very long, very steep, maybe you are very tired, you want to give up is taken for granted. However, if you stop the pace of progress, the road will always be in front, there will always be a distance you can't reach. If you want to reach the peak of the road smoothly, you can only hold back the tiredness of your feet, relax the complex thoughts in your heart, and insist on moving forward step by step, always seeing the peak of ideals. Believe in one sentence: don't give up, the party succeeds .
  4, the sail, not hanging on the mast, is a useless cloth; the mast, not hanging on the sail, is a normal column; ideal, not to act is the illusory fog; action, without ideal, is to go There is no end to the road.
  5. We will all encounter such lonely and helpless moments. It’s gone, and the sky is wide open; if you give up, you may be a cliff. Always believe that every moment of loneliness and helplessness in life is not to defeat us, but to let us learn to be stronger and face life. Their existence will give us a lot of things, such as tenacity, than if you dare, such as independence.
  6, talk about what is bitter, hold any grievances, pick up the sleeves is dry! No pressure, no motivation!
  7. Life has never been planned, but has come out step by step. Find what you like, do it a little bit every day, and for a long time, you will see your growth. [the sun] [the sun]
  8, God gave me a pair of wings, you should spread your wings and fly, how can the sky and clouds, through the sun.
  9, there is a kind of emboss, called you can do it! There is a kind of pride, called you can! There is a kind of domineering, called you the best! Don't always look forward to what you want to do, and do it boldly. Don't delay what you want to do. Some things are purely an opportunity. Only when you take the step at your feet, life will be different!
  10. If life is not smooth, you must experience some setbacks and failures. Frustration and failure are not terrible. The terrible thing is to abandon the pursuit of success because of setbacks and failures. Only those who have frustrated and failed as a motivation and can learn something will be close to success.
  11, in life, there is no state, more than the unremitting struggle, let us live a confident and strong!
  12. If you endure your own efforts, you will endure being with people who are not working hard in the future.
  13. Efforts will never be in vain. Today, the seeds are sown, and somewhere you can't see or think of, quietly take root. It is your talent to know that red light cannot illuminate your future and illuminate your future.
  14, squatting dreams and temperature, life has a turn, hurry to fight, do not wait until middle age, can only sigh their own inaction ... Good morning, a total of! !
  15. If you really love your parents and love your girlfriend, just fight hard and fight hard. In this way, you have the ability, economic conditions, free time, to accompany them, to love them.