1. Life is like a glass of wine. If you want to taste it slowly, you will find it beautiful.
  2, maturity is not to see how old you are, but to see your shoulders can provoke multiple responsibilities.
  3, the day will be reduced to the people of the S, also will bitter their minds, labor and bones, hungry their skin, friends, little tribulation is just the experimental stone on your way to success , bravely striding over the past, wonderful belongs to you!
  4, people live a day, that is blessing, some people will be lost, and some things are destined to not last long, still want to say, in addition to the first thousand choices, there is the first One thousand and one possible, there is a window waiting for me to open, and then there is light coming in.
  5, if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the heart is relaxed, always spring. There are nine out of ten things in the world, and you can do everything you can to get what you want. If you have to care, there is no one person, one thing can satisfy you. When people live forever, they will seek peace of mind, why bother to go with themselves. The heart is one inch wide and the road is one foot wide. If the heart is not like the sea, how can life be calm?
  6, will be beautiful and soul, filled the heart into the heart. Imagine a beautiful encounter, a ecstasy of the wind and snow, listening to a long-awaited wonderful call. Imagine a flower blossoming, imagining the fresh time that I have had, and the innocent memory that I can't forget anyway.
  7. The so-called luck is that when you are ready, the opportunity will come. Life is always so in a period of time, full of anxiety, but in addition brave face, we have no choice. A silent hug is a thousand words for an unhappy heart.
  8. All the unsatisfactory things in the world depend on hardships, accept growth, and accept all the disappointments! What do you need to prove with someone who is not worth it? Living better is for yourself!
  9. People are born to pursue happiness, but they must live with pain. Happy life, not in the mountains and seas, in the Qing and elegant; happy life, not blind pursuit, in a sincere treatment; happy life, not in other people's charity, in their own struggle; happy life, not in the distant future, in the present .
  10, bitterness is life, calm is mature, tolerance is open-minded, abandonment is wisdom, quiet is cultivation, forgetting is blessing, experience is wealth. Believe, what you want, hard work will come, want to forget, time will help you. See through, but it is a passing sight, with the wind. After seeing it, it will be put down, and it will be taken away by troubles, a free, happy and happy, such as the breeze of the moon, not looking for it, naturally appearing.
  11. Do things when you are awake, read when you are confused, sleep when you are angry, think when you are alone; be a happy person, read, travel, work hard, care about your body and your mood, and be your best.
  12, life as a bowl, can bear anything, took the mountain and seafood, but also swallowed wild vegetables and coarse grains; loaded a thousand years of wine, but also drank plain water. Life is like a bowl, it is suitable, and the load is overflowing. You put the water just at the bottom of the bowl, and the bowl is closed, but the bowl is gone, but the bowl is not needed. Life should be like a bowl, frank, not hidden, you use it to put gold beans and silver beans, the bowl is just for you to keep, when you need it, it will give you a piece of nothing.
  13, the heart is a tree, the roots of love and hope must be tied in the earth, the branches of wisdom and emotions are projected under the blue sky. Whether it is the wind and rain of the years, or the red dust that covers the green leaves, it always stands silently waiting, accepting everything, not proud or humble.
  14. Don't ask other people's directions. What they can tell you is always the place they want to go.
  15. People, painted with oil and dyed into the play, played true and false; heart, covered with armor and wounded, hidden deep and shallow.
  16, people, we must have a sincere heart, a kind heart, a grateful heart! Regardless of appearance, regardless of dress, the sincerity of the heart is the most beautiful; regardless of the rich and the poor, regardless of the level, the goodness of the heart is the most expensive. At any time, the gratitude of the heart is the most important.
  17. Some people, even if they remember, can only think about it. Some things, even if they are recalled, are only fragments of defects. There are always some people in this world, getting along with each other, unconsciously unfamiliar, accompanied, unclear and alienated. I quit your world, you are far from my life, and silence becomes the final tacit understanding.
  18, when a person ignores you, don't be sad, everyone has their own life, no one can always accompany you. Don't be too good for a person. In fact, you know that the most despicable but the feelings, the coolest is just the human heart.
  19, I can't remember which summer flower, the first to wither, which leaf, let the fall begin. The seasons are twirling, and some memories are separated from yesterday. Looking back, there are already a few mountains and rivers.
  20. When you encounter a thing that can't be solved, even if it has affected your life and mood, why not stop and give your mind a time to meditate. Maybe another way, maybe changing the angle, maybe changing the way, things will be much simpler. If we go too fast, stop and wait for the soul to follow.