1. Don't be too old-fashioned and aunts, because they are the most unscrupulous people in the world. The grace of parents is that we are still unclear for a lifetime.
    2. Sorry to say to yourself, I have never learned to love myself these years.
    3, when I was young. Cried and cried, I laughed, grew up, smiled, smiled, and cried.
    4, a woman does not have the charm to think that a man is fancy, a man does not have the strength to feel a woman reality.
    5. Don't judge others easily because you have not experienced his life.
    6, I would like to tell you, I miss you, but I am afraid of getting a simple "Oh" word.
    7, life troubles on the 12 words: can not let go, can not open, can not see through, can not forget.
    8, obviously not a stranger, but the decoration is stranger than the stranger.
    9. Don't ask for a lifetime of wealth and prosperity, but ask for a family's well-being.
    10, you must be able to see people above people, you must be able to see yourself under people.
    11, the surface is heart-to-heart, behind the brain are playing.
    12. The reality tells us that there is nothing wrong with it; there is nothing to lose money;
    13. Don't take the memories of the past to torture yourself.
    14. Finally, I knew why I should eat Oreo first, because no one would rob it.
    15. Journey to the West tells us that all the goblins with backgrounds have been picked up, and none of them have been killed by a stick.
    16, care will be chaotic, do not care even think about it.
    17. Slowly, grow up, but feels silent, understands more, but is not happy. Is everyone like this?
    18, love is like an hourglass, the heart is full, the brain is empty!
    19, a woman, do not need to pour the country into the city, only need a man to spend all his life for her.
    20. The problem of patriarchal women who could not be solved in China for thousands of years has actually solved the real estate!
    21, distance, is not the beauty, but the interpretation of the love that can not be beaten.
    22, many people broke into your life, just to give you a lesson, then turned and left.
    23, live to the present, can only afford to put down the chopsticks!