1. Forgetting is that I just want to use the best commemoration close to this.
    2, I walked all the sadness, the saddest thing is that you are not at the end.
    3, many people broke into your life, really just to give you a lesson, then turned and left.
    4, love me not to go, a simple sentence .
    5, once thought that can not go, will eventually pass, pain is sometimes an improvement.
    6. The friendly world also has a cruel side, and a good life has a tiresome time.
    7, don't care too much about some people, the more you care, the humble.
    8. The eyes are raining for you, but the heart is playing an umbrella for you.
    9. What is forgotten by us is often the happiest. What we remember is often the most painful.
    10, in fact, the wine is not intoxicating, just remembered the unbearable past when drinking.
    11, life is the lens of change, every day is live broadcast.
    12, can not be called the distance, the return can not be called the past, not turning the head is called parting.
    13, who is in the flowering years, into your life , who is in the season of poetry, lonely and looking forward to.
    14. In the world, the only thing that can't be deceived is your own heart. It always reveals your emotions and sorrows when you are least wary.
    15. Mature people don't ask the past. Wisdom people don't ask the present. Open-minded people don't ask about the future.
    16. It’s not that the ending of the story is not good enough, but that we have too many demands on the story.
    17. Life is like a dance party. The person who teaches you the first dance step may not be able to accompany you to the field.
    18, when, the rain shrouded tears, memories began to fall in the heart.
    19. If confession is a kind of injury, I choose a lie; if the lie is also hurt, I choose to be silent.
    20. I have passed your heart, not because I don't want to stay, but because you don't want to stay.