First, the time will tell you, the last person who is with you is not the old man's hand, but the broken throat wine.
  Second, I want to say sorry to myself, I have loved others and loved to forget myself.
  Third, don't try to test people's hearts, it will disappoint you, and will make you desperate. Some things are known, so you don't have to say more; some people know it, don't have to be deep. Do what you should do, have love or no love, and treat them safely.
  Fourth, how many times a heart is hurt, will be forced to choose to give up; a person to be stupid and so many times, I know that I am just superfluous. The frozen heart is once the most enthusiastic; now the ruthless person, once was the most affectionate.
  Five, for you to drop a tear, the story will end in the end, my heart is not the happiness you want.
  Sixth, now that I am finally going to be separated, he is going ahead of me, but I feel a little gratified. Such sorrow , sooner or later, will allow one of us to experience it alone, let me take it.
  Seven, you are like the sun between the fingers, warm, beautiful, but never able to catch.
  8. After separation, my greatest insight is not how good I am, nor how bad you are, but I have seen myself and understand the meaning of the two people together. Good love is always the effort of two people, not one's own.
  Nine, even laughing at me in time, should not be too serious for you.
  X. Deception is like a disaster. I hope that those are nightmares that cannot withstand the sun.
  XI. Later, I gradually learned to accept rather than pay, even if I met someone who was re-motivated, I shook my head and said it. Disappointing is enough to let go, not disturbing is my last gentleness.
  Twelve, he broke the dagger into your heart, and then said that I love you, but you licked the wound and endured the pain, hard and squeezed out a smile and said to him, "One more knife, I still want to listen to that sentence, I love you."
  Thirteen, some people, forget it, forget it, people don't care about you, why do you grieve yourself? How can you hurt, how can you feel sad, people can't see it, don't feel bad about you, who are you sad? .
  Fourteen, everyone's youth, can not escape a love. Here, there is love, affection, joy, and happiness, but there is no eternal.
  Fifteen, there is always a fool who once refused everyone for one person, but ended up with nothing.
  Sixteen, those promises we have believed have finally become a slap in the face, and a slamming fan is on my face. You will always be my weakness, but it will never be my armor.
  Seventeen, the so-called gap between ideal and reality, is to think of it is a piece of meat, bite down to know that it is a piece of ginger.
  Eighteen, when I am older, my self-esteem grows up with me, and tears can't flow easily. I have to let it go back. So, my heart slowly has a sea.
  Nineteen, even the night and night are all people, sleep early, you did not say good night, no one can not bear to stay up all night.
  Twenty, when no one knows me, I learned not to explain. When everyone ignored me, I learned a person.
  Twenty-one, I am a lonely patient who does not like to be busy, but you are like a crowd of people around the crowd, suddenly thinking about you, where you are, happy, or wronged.
  Twenty-two, every time the negative emotions are overwhelming, in the eyes of others, they will feel that they are doing a big fuss. Yes, their feelings are only clear to themselves. No one will know where you have been banished, and no one knows what you are in your heart. How many times the beam is lit and extinguished.