1. We are all like children. It is because of dependence; politeness is because it is strange. Take the initiative because it cares. I don't contact because I feel that I am redundant.
    2, please keep an imaginative childlike heart, it is not childish, it is the mood. Please don't be ashamed that you have ever imagined that you are a princess. If you haven't thought about it, then you should question your childhood. All childhood is our best ever.
    3. I didn't miss you very much. I just remembered you in a lot of small moments, such as a movie, a song, a lyric, a road and countless moments of closing your eyes.
    4, the meteor, destined to be a flash of death; duckweed, always with the flow; white clouds, can only wander in the sky. The real world is not a gentle fairy tale. Perhaps these past events will be turned into the most beautiful cloud, parked in memory, and the gain and loss will echo at the same source.
    5, like a person sometimes does not see how good he is, but he is very suitable for you, so that you feel comfortable and comfortable.
    6. I would rather slowly accept a person who loves myself, and I am not willing to work hard to love someone who does not love myself.
    7, the heart should have a natural shedding process. Gradually, it is less important that it is less important to go farewell, and important ones are more important and meet each other. So don't force it to be removed, and don't expect it in vain. Feel the message, just go ahead without hesitation.
    8. I once hoped that one day, if I tried harder, I could become a promising young man. However, it is unexpected that today, it has been drifting in the sea. In the end, what is the insurmountable gap in the lives of ordinary people? Is it really hope that the bigger the disappointment will be?
    9. People who like you will cry for you, and how people who love you will make you suffer.
    10, I love you, you gave the story too shocking at the beginning, but also let me forget to see, our end is not old and dead, no contact.
    11, the life of the boat is a thousand miles, and it is only a moment of strength. In the torrents, the waves, the surging tides; in the grinding of the broken walls, only the arrogance of Haobo's temperament can gather sand into towers; in order to make the sand sway into gold, in order to stabilize the rudder of life, go forward.
    12, I will not come back, like the last bus that can't wait, like the emotional movie has no follow-up, like the final drama of the drama.
    13. I used to think that two people can be together when they are in love. Now I feel that two people are not in love, they are not suitable, and they can be together. It is really a trivial matter.
    14. Whether it is an ideal way of life or a beautiful artistic conception, the small freshness exists in the light, natural, simple, detached and quiet. What we are trying to give to many things, what we are pursuing is to give people a feeling of quiet warmth.
    15. Three forms of life, that is, "pessimism, optimism , and achievement." Pessimistic people look at the world at the foot of the mountain, watching the path of the secluded; optimistic people look at the world in the mountainside, watching the dark flowers and flowers; the people watching the world look at the world on the top of the mountain, watching the sky is wide.
    16. You are still the reason why I refuse others. I am not waiting for you, but I still don't like others.
    17. People who don't like you don't like you, but you don't like people who don't like you.