1. What makes me sad more than we are not together is that you have never worked hard for us to be together.
  2, time after time, believe and expect, disappointment and chilling again and again, I think I have not dared to listen to the so-called arrangement and future. Even the most important wait, I began to shake.
  3, I am just an ordinary person, thirsty will drink water, sleepy will want to sleep, pain will probably let go.
  4, I tried to forget, try to be strong , try to cover up everything with the face that I think is cold and proud. Sometimes I look at the one in the mirror, and the sudden strangeness is unstoppable.
  5, the feelings of expiration, like a can of Coke that has been running for a long time, the taste is still there, but the strength of the nose is no longer there.
  6. You become what he likes, and I become a madman who I hate. The so-called unwillingness is that a person is holding a dagger at your heart, and you still smile and say that I am willing.
  7, toothache can be pulled out, stomach pain can take medicine, you are in my heart, do you want me to dig out the heart and throw it away.
  8, no matter how deep the obsession, painful and hearty to retain, but eventually can not rival the dust of the years, still have to laugh and let go.
  9, you must not know that I am holding my mobile phone all day, I am afraid to miss you, will not suddenly care.
  10, just just sad, just decided to give up, just just forgot to cry, just happened to meet you.
  11, love is so savage but fragile, who is humble and who is desolate. A person's love is also love, but it is the most lonely kind of love.
  12, some people, some things, it is forgotten to forget, people have never taken care of you, why do you have to be passionate.
  13. Anyone who leaves you is not a sudden decision. The heart is slowly getting cold, the leaves are gradually yellowing, the story is slowly written to the end, and love is because disappointment is too much to become love.
  14, always have to wait a long time, always have to wait for retreat, only to know what we have personally abandoned, in the days that later, can no longer meet.
  15. You listened to my story and drank my wine, but you finally shook his head. The story was not touching, and the wine didn't run out of throat.
  16. You said that you loved me forever. You said that it is good to have you. You said that you will not leave me. You said that you will love me forever, and finally? You are still gone, leaving without hesitation, leaving me alone crying in memories, remembering the beauty we have had.
  17, not busy, not negligent, not do not understand, not a test, not forgotten temporarily, not a temperament, just, do not love you.
  18, you have been there, on my blank piece of paper filled with love, you left, but failed to erase those memories, how can I let others re-render?
  19, anger, jealousy, hatred, loneliness, no matter which of these feelings, have been able to torture a person to die.
  20, the mood is low, the only thing that is with me is the shadow, bow your head and touch your own shadow, I am sorry to make you wronged, and only you are really willing to give up.
  21. Know why the intimacy is only 99, because even the most intimate person will have a 1% chance of leaving you.
  22, time flies, you have new lovers, new friends, new life, and I still live in the habit of having your memories.