A person is wronged to the sentence of tears, the sentence is sad, and the voice of many people is written!
  First, you will meet some people constantly, and will continue to say goodbye to some people, from strange to familiar, from familiarity to strangers, from seeing hate to late.
  Second, it is not that I don't contact you, but that you give me the feeling, as if I am bothering you. Maybe I still like you, just missing the attachments that are not together.
  Third, I know that it will hurt, but I still want to go to it as always. Until I lose it, I understand that if I lose, I will not come back. If I miss it, I will no longer have it.
  Fourth, disappointment is probably, before you go to sleep, say good night, you did not reply, the next morning wake up still not.
  5. In the world, there is really such a person who is watching you silently, loving you, but never approaching you again.
  Sixth, a more tragic thing than loneliness is that I don’t know that I am lonely, or that I am very lonely, but I fool myself into believing that I am not alone.
  Seven, the first button is wrong, but you can only find it after the last one. Some things are wrong at first, but they have to be recognized only at the end.
  Eight, probably, everyone will meet a person who can not be together, let go of reluctance, insist on too tired, love and not the most torment.
  Nine, the more you experience, the more you don't want to talk. The difference in the environment, if you want to say something, others may not understand it, and you will slowly learn to bear it silently.
  Ten, I really hope to wake up all night, things are getting better. All the things in the middle of the night turned into the star at the top of the head, pointing to every right path.
  XI, the road is chosen by yourself, so even if you fall down, you will be injured, you must learn to bear yourself, heal yourself. We are all like this, learn to grow up.
  Twelve, I am all this age, tears still fall so fast. In addition to a little more sensibility, there is no ability to distinguish between the insights of the people. You see the days are high and the water is long, but who and who have come to Japan.
  Thirteen, like a song will single cycle, falling in love with a person will continue to forgive, but the song will be cut off when it is enough, so people love tired, will also collect one after another humble.
  XIV. I want to know, what kind of tone do you use to chat with others, will you be intent to inquire about your current situation when chatting with others like me?
  Fifteen, some people, caught it is to seize it, missed it is to miss it, can only say that the deep feelings are shallow. There are too many mouthwashes in the journey of life, and it may be a lifetime to turn around. We are familiar with each other at the previous intersection, and we may be strange at the next intersection.
  Sixteen, I feel that people who have been single for a long time will really get single cancer. If someone walks into your life a little, there will be a sense of life and a sense of uneasiness that is disrupted.
  Seventeen, we are always like this, one thinks that it will not go, one thinks that it will retain, it is all self-love.
  Eighteen, I would rather rain every day, thinking that you are not coming because it is raining. I would rather continue to lie to myself. I love you and give up tomorrow.