First, men don't sneer at a woman who lives like a "man". We just don't bother to play a small woman in front of a man who is not interested.
  Second, if you don't understand, just say it. If you understand it, don't say it, just smile.
  Third, a sincere friend, will not add icing on the cake, but can send charcoal in the snow, a false and false friend, will only sweetly deceive, will not accompany you.
  Fourth, do not negate 100% of your efforts because of 5% negative evaluation. Dare to decide that the change in life depends on the moment you really decide.
  5. There is no effortless success in life , and there is no good body without effort; good people are not born with excellence, but are responsible for themselves.
  6. If you are determined to do something, don't ask yourself and others worth it. It is only natural that you will be willing to take it for granted.
  Seven, the places that have not been visited are called distant places, and those who have not gotten are more memorable.
  Eight, the cold winter, warm yours, not the inspirational quotes of the soul chicken soup, but the like-minded people who are like-minded, positive and motivated, full of positive energy .
  Nine, we are going to grow up after all, the most dark roads will eventually be finished alone; together with the people you like, will become inexplicably become happy.
  Ten, the time is really good, so that the pain is no longer painful, let go of it, let me see everything. To be a princess, you must first believe that you are a princess.
  Else, there is no unsolicited initiative to find you to chat, there is no reason for not returning to your news, like and dislike, other people's performance is quite obvious.
  Twelve, the best tacit understanding in the world, not someone understands your meaning, but someone understands your words and ends.
  Thirteen, people always want to do something to do, let themselves be busy, busy to know that life is not easy, only to understand that the usual sadness is a sentimental.
  XIV. “Why are people with good temper getting angry and more unreasonable?” “Because you don’t know how long he has endured and tolerated you before he sent your temper!”
  Fifteen, I thought about life like Ba Jie, but I was under the pressure of Wukong, but only Sha Ji’s ability, I can still hear Tang Yan’s embarrassment from time to time.
  Sixteen, people are only the things they like, they will be especially good, so it is obvious that one person does not love you.
  17. Everyone feels that they are victims. In fact, they all use the spoon to dig the hearts of others.
  Eighteen, no one is blocking the wind and rain, and they hold up a day. Don't always care about pity, who is alive is very difficult.