First, you finally became the story of others, and I am no longer the one who tells the story.
  Second, the people I like in the future, I want to tell you, I have feelings clean, if not the only, then please keep the distance.
  Third, it will dawn in adversity, and some love Should not be replaced, then some strong will survivor.
  Fourth, who is not hypocritical, who is not fickle, who is not who. Why bother to see some people and things as important.
  5. Is there such a person who once made you crazy, but now I want to forget it.
  6. If a person thinks enough about you, he will never want to miss you, but not always you, he will take care of you. There is no friendship between the friendship and the love .
  Seven, people will have a bad mood, can not say the loss, the road does not understand the sad, unclear staggered.
  Eight, I thought I was invincible, and the poison was not invaded. I didn’t expect that after all, I would still cry a child who would cry. Love is more serious than anyone else, but I am still alone.
  Nine, many farewells in life , more sad than not to leave without saying that after a goodbye, we have never seen it again.
  X. In fact, the memory of two people, as long as one of them forgets, then everything loses its meaning and becomes garbage.
  11. In an era when everything is uncertain, we always love too early, give up too fast, make promises easily, and don't want to wait for results.
  Twelve, one person has survived all the sufferings , and he does not expect to be with whomever; I have worked hard sincerely, but I don't want to say the end.
  Thirteen, I suddenly discovered that many of my good friends had lost contact without knowing it. It turns out that friendship and love are the same, there is no business, and in the end it will be a stranger.
  Fourteen, want more, want to catch more firmly, but when stabbing the palm of your hand, everything slips away inadvertently
  15. If you are a cactus, I am willing to endure all the pain to hold you.
  Sixteen, there are always some songs that make us sad and let us cry. But what actually makes us cry is not the songs themselves, but the people hidden in the memories.
  Seventeen, don't move, you will pay your heart, and the sugar he gave you may have been given to others.
  18. Have you slept, don't stay up late, drink less carbonated drinks, smoke less, and don't say anything unintentional, look very tormented, good night, love you, although you can't see it.