1. Don't be obsessed with right or wrong. You must know that many things are just different, and there is nothing wrong with them.
  2, do not disturb the happiness of others, happiness is also a person's privacy.
  3, I think the single is quite good, but it has always been ridiculous.
  4. If you don't love anything any day, I don't know what to use to counter the chickens and dogs in life.
  5. The person you like is your naked taste.
  6. Less complaints, you don't know how many catastrophes you have escaped. One day you will find that living is the luckiest thing.
  7. You only need to be better than yesterday's self. It is a tragedy in life to compare with others.
  8, no matter what age, you must understand the inner feelings, more important than the outside world.
  9. I will try my best to get what I want and live by myself, even though the process is hard, at least not to rely on others to be practical.
  10, it is more embarrassing to say more, it is better to be cute than silence.
  11, how to understand each other's mutual understanding, people have so many complex and delicate emotions, sometimes they can not understand themselves, how can ask others to do nothing.
  12, sorry for thousands of species, everyone is different.
  13. Commitment, sometimes, a liar says to a fool.
  14. The red dust is broken but it is floating dust. Life is broken but it is impermanent. The beauty is broken but it is the body. The love is broken but it is just scattered.
  15. The original people who have been separated, no matter how familiar they are, will gradually become alienated.
  16, first sight, is a reunion.
  17. The reason why people are sad is because they are not far enough. Before the future comes, how to know the so-called dilemma is not a good thing?
  18, there is a curse in life, most afraid to listen to others: for so many years, did not grow at all.
  19, have a good time, this is already a waste of life.
  20, between today and tomorrow, there is a long time, when you have the spirit, learn to do things quickly.
  21, the fastest way to improve the quality of life is to throw things regularly, to break the spirit and material.
  22. As long as there is a strong and lasting heart, a vulgar person will have a successful day, otherwise even a person who knows excellence can only suffer the fate of failure.
  23. I hope that you never lack the courage to start again.
  24, life, the grass and autumn. This is the case in the world. No one can escape two things. One is cause and effect, and the other is impermanence.
  25, people who are too hearty, the quality of life will not be too high. A heart, when it is filled with maliciousness, will ablate the sense of fairness and pleasure of the self. That is to say, a tilted person is difficult to be happy.
  26. Those who can't talk to others may be the loneliness that we grow up thoroughly.
  27. The experience of growing up can probably make people more and more quiet.
  28, when reading is the best time to open the gap, is the most time, the most secretive efforts.
  29. The basis of friendship is that the heart and soul of two people have the greatest similarity.
  30, to have the most simple life, and the most distant dreams , even if the weather is cold, the road is dead.
  31. Don't worry, you see that winter will pass, spring will come, there is nothing to go through. Love yourself, let the coming come, and everything is the best arrangement.
  32. Those who have truly seen the big world can enjoy the best and the worst.
  33, the sunset is infinitely good, the evening is more charming; the lights are dim, faintly seeing the beautiful.
  34. Try to change yourself, change a hairstyle or another type of clothing, and try to accept what was previously unacceptable.
  35, when to remember: the lover of love, to care; blood and blood connected hands and feet, to guard; friends who share the same pains, to pour; warm heart and warm lungs, do not live up to.
  36. All lucky and coincidental things are either destined or secretly worked hard.