First, the people on the stage are performing the loneliness and sorrow of the people under the stage, while the people in the audience see the clouds scattered on the stage.
  Second, the heart of the gods of the Jiangnan water town, where the mountains are warm and soft, stone bridge boats, smoked apricot flowers, suitable for a person to dream softly.
  Third, safflower has green leaves to accompany, the mountain has water as a confidant, Yangchun has white snow companionship, and people can be alone in the world, alone blocking the red dust and wind?
  Fourth, listen to a rain in front of the window, enjoy a pot of tea in the moon, enjoy the beauty of time in the sleepy, even if you have lost the time, do not feel sorry.
  Fifth, standing tall buildings, watching the world, people are really too small, although the mortal beings exist in a variety of ways like rocks, but after all, they just write about the joys and sorrows.
  6. Just go over, don't stay and pick flowers to save, because the flowers will continue to open along the way.
  7. Even if my future is hard and confusing, I don't want to meet you again.
  Eight, peach Li Chunfeng a glass of wine, rivers and lakes night rain ten years. Those who are most afraid of separation often go first.
  Nine, that prosperous, I am a little bit greedy, just because you are raising your hands when watching the rain, the extra is greedy.
  Ten, I want to hug you more, but unfortunately, the time is in the mountains and south of the water, but unfortunately you and me are coming and going.
  XI. I thought that we were parallel lines, but we never met each other; but we were the intersection line. After the encounter, we will go further and further.
  Twelve, you are the mountain river robbery that I am far away from home. You are the destruction of everything in my night dreams. You are the life and death of my mountain.
  Thirteen, if I look tired of the scenery, I am tired of the road. Are you willing to turn into a stone of wine, let me rely on the rest of my life.
  Fourteen, the dream meets people are not seen, if you know is a dream, why wake up. Even if the dream is often quiet, how can it be seen as true?
  Fifteen, he brought the years behind him, whistling. Like a flood of seven years ago, I crossed a whole youth, and now it is finally coming to my eyes.
  Sixteen, time and hug, who can afford it. Always give, never give up. A cigarette, a lift up and down, a dream of a yellow pillow.
  Seventeen, the warmth of the years, the river that passed the time, the long-closed heart, I was in the depths of time, listening to the sound of flowers.
  Eighteen, paintings are dyed with ink, and you can't paint your eyebrows, and the floating smoke is like a cage. A paper umbrella has also been for the world, but the enemy is not ready to marry.