First, I am most afraid of seeing, not two people who love each other hurt, but two people who have been loved for a long time and suddenly separated, and passed away like a stranger. I can't stand the cruel process, because I can't understand the intimacy of the bones implanted at the beginning, how can it become the indifference of the two in the future.

  Second, everyone has a city in their hearts, living an impossible person, that person passed through youth for a while, but will be stranded in memory for a lifetime.

  Third, the breakup has been so long, and people mention love , but you are still the person I never forget.

  4. No one is leaving you because of impulsive impulses. Those tears that are sad, helpless, and patience are invisible. Just like the cracks that gradually widen under the dam due to erosion, what you see is just that it collapses. moment.

  5. Thank you for giving me a happy time. The memories we have had made the tears confusing.

  Sixth, the most painful distance in the world, not that you are indifferent to say that you have no intention, but that you let go, but I will live in regret forever, can not forget.

  Seven, some people, some things, you should forget about forgetting, people have never taken care of you. Why do you want to be passionate?

  Eight, maybe, after a long time, you will understand, people like me who are stubborn, how much courage to drum up, will you ask me not to leave me, but also how much strength will drive you completely Out of my life.

  Nine, love is a gamble, win, keep a lifetime, grow old. Lost, all lose, who is closer than a friend, is a familiar stranger.

  Ten, one day I was finally cold and hot to you, and one day I finally let go of your heart. One day, I walked with others. One day, I completely became a stranger with you. Will you regret that you didn’t cherish it?

  11. The world is very small. We will meet like this. This is a big world. Once we are seperated, it's hard to meet again.

  Twelve, every time I disappoint, I will do less of a thing that loves you, until I don’t take the initiative to find you, put away your things, delete your photos, and never sneak up on you. It’s time to say goodbye. . Disappointment is accumulated day by day, leaving is a very long decision.

  Thirteen, the most embarrassing thing is that people don’t take you seriously. You don’t feel good about it. Never overestimate your position in others’ minds. In fact, you are nothing, you are not much, you are less. One is also quite a lot.

  Fourteen, those promises that have promised the next life, now I am left alone.

  Fifteen, we always blurt out a word, don't come innocent, don't come to the old wounds.

  Sixteen, you will someday understand: Some people, some things, missed for a while, is the first world.

  Seventeen, the most stubborn is the heart of one person. You can convince everyone, but you can't convince yourself.

  Eighteen, how many people, clearly broke up, but still love. How many people, obviously still love, but said to let go, how many people, obviously sad, but still smiled and said that I am very good.

  Nineteen, from then on, please be strong in the city without me , I will heal in the city without you.

  Twenty, there is always a place, a person, let your heart move, nostalgia. There is always one person, one sentence, I am sorry, and you are deeply saddened.