1. The story is not long, it is not difficult to talk about, just because you know each other, love is not allowed.

  2. Don't expect too much. It's good to stop at moderate and have some reservations.

  3, you are his emotional excess, not the source. .

  4. Are you always, alone, swallowing all the sorrows and grievances, seeing people still smiling, pretending to look good.

  5. Memories of brewing wine, drunk for the rest of my life.

  6. What is the sadness, I ask myself, you take him as a life back, he treats you as A, B, and D.

  7. Perhaps regretted to be tied with the young

  8. I feel sad, not because you deceived me, but because I can't believe you anymore.

  9. Our biggest hurdles to each other cannot be separated from each other.

  10. Many times, silence is not something that can be said, but it is hard to say.

  11, choose to wait, you must bear loneliness.

  12. If I can feel enough to be loved and cherished, I am not afraid of hard work.