First, if things go against the contrary, I believe that God must have another arrangement; all lost, will return in another way, believe in yourself, believe that time will not treat you badly.

  Second, if a person really cares about you, then he can always take the time to accompany you. There are no excuses, no lies, no promises that are not honored.

  Third, disappointment and anger are not the same, anger is just wanting to be jealous, and disappointment is, what do you say, I can't listen, and begin to rationally think about the meaning of this relationship.

  Fourth, time is changing, people are changing. Life is an out-of-print movie that cannot be played back. Some things, no matter how hard you try, can't go back if you can't go back. The farthest distance in the world is not love, not hate, but a familiar person, gradually becoming strange.

  5. I still like myself. I didn't live up to it. I didn't care, didn't move, and didn't disappoint.

  Sixth, the heart of the poison is not invaded, often will be defeated by a simple comfort, the disguise of invulnerability, often surrender in the face of knowing you.

  Seven, don't bother to say what you are behind, because those who are stronger than you are too lazy to mention you. Defamation is a kind of look in itself.

  Eight, when a person has passed the most difficult time, they no longer want to find a dependence, and anyone is burdened.

  Nine, crying will be dripping; laughter will do whatever you want; play will open your mind; love will be the best, why life is twisted and pinched.

  X. Nothing If the original, no matter how many times it is repeated, there must be regrets in life.

  XI. There is no owe in life. Others pay for you because others like it. You pay for others because you are willing. Volunteer, no regrets.

  Twelve, on the road of life, don't be addicted to a landscape that is not your own. Stopping here will only miss more exciting.

  Thirteen, people for a lifetime, you have to believe this article: you can stay without hard work, you can't stay without effort. Come and go, be strong.

  14. If no one approves you, then identify yourself; if no one appreciates you, then appreciate yourself; if no one wishes you, then bless yourself. Instead of remorse yesterday with tears, it is better to fight tomorrow with sweat.

  Fifteen, if you want others to take care of your feelings, don't let everyone else feel the feelings of others, and keep your bottom line in exchange for the respect of others.

  Sixteen, some people have given you their heart, you still pretend not to see, because you do not like it; some people have taken your heart away, you still pretend not to hurt, because you love!

  Seventeen, some people live in high-rises, some people are in deep ditch, some people are bright, some people are rusted, thousands of people are in the world, and the clouds are going to seek, if the people are rainbow, they will know.

  Eighteen, it is better to be a quiet person than to lose a smile, rather than care about others' abandonment and misbehavior, it is better to run their own dignity and beauty. Choose a posture and let yourself live irreplaceable.

  Nineteen, instead of being unable to speak, it is better to laugh than to; rather than being unable to let go, it is better to be self-sufficient.

  Twenty, I hope that the rest of my life will be dressed in anger and anger, accompanying you to see the flames and flowers, I hope that the rest of my life will be plain white gauze, accompanying you to the age.

  Twenty-one, this society has no right or wrong, only strong and weak. You are done, everyone is tying you, you can't, even the dogs are coming to step on you.

  Twenty-two, only the use of water to wash the mist in your heart, glory will illuminate the original dream .

  Twenty-three, to be a self-controlling person, to be a vain, but the heart of a sea of ​​people, the more self-healing ability of a person, the more likely to be close to happiness.