1. Like to read, it is equivalent to changing the lonely time in life into a moment of great enjoyment.

  2, life needs to be precipitated, there is enough time to reflect, in order to make yourself more perfect.

  3, good feelings, not all of you will touch you dizzy, but the long-term flow of spoiled you.

  4, if you want to go forward, only running hard, sometimes the right direction is more important than hard work.

  5, no matter how good you are, try all kinds of things, that is life.

  6. In the face of the big river, I am boundless. I am too old and empty.

  7, there are too many capable people in the world, the limit you think, not just the starting point of others. Therefore, only by constantly making progress can we not be shameful.

  8. It is not the emotional faintness that makes you drift away. It is the three views of each other.

  9. Friendship is the same as that of flowers. It is better to be lighter. The lighter the fragrance, the more people will be attached and the longer they will last.

  10, there is a gap is that you are not worthy of your own ambitions, but also lived up to the suffering

  11. If you are not forced by life, who is willing to make yourself a talent, to all those who work hard.

  12, the past has passed, the world, the only one who likes you except the parents is your own, and you must love yourself for the rest of your life.

  13, the line is in a hurry, only to get closer to home, and then closer.

  14. Don't throw a pot of cream off because you have fallen into a cow's hair. Don't throw away your life because you made a mistake.

  15. If you don't say anything, you always have a look that doesn't care. It will all be lost one day.

  16. The saddest thing in life is to meet someone who is important to you, but you only find out at the end that everything is too late, you can’t go back to heaven, and you have to let it go with the wind. .

  17. I miss those years, the future is far from the shape, we simply have no troubles.

  18. Don't give up the original life track for anyone.

  19. Don't cry because it is over, smile, for what you used to have.

  20, never invited, have a peace of mind; do not say vows, will never see you again.

  21, you always like to drag things to the next day, you can not always drag, one day, you will have a lot of things to do, your life is not enough.

  22, when people are there, always think that there is an opportunity, in fact, life is a subtraction, see one side is less.

  23. Instead of envying others, it is better to polish yourself.

  24, if you want to have the most beautiful expression in the world every day, then please be happy as a habit.

  25, what is the plan of life, the greatness is to start from bit by bit, try to have a 50% chance of success , do not try to be doomed to failure, so action is the last word.

  26, no matter what way to say goodbye, I am sorry to see you.

  27. You should get married seriously and then go old seriously.

  28. I died last night. When I left, my heart was like water. I was born again this morning, and I was warm when I came.

  29, you live too busy, only have time to cling to meaningless things, only have time without disease, so-called pain. You look at those busy people, and they spend their time working hard.

  30. In all the dilapidated fading, please flash forever.

  31, no longer have to think before thinking, everything is not already in the past.

  32. Getting along with others, if you feel extraordinarily relaxed, feel relaxed and feel the true teachings, I dare to conclude that you must have met your kind, even if you are engaged in a very different career.

  33. Losing and gaining is the biggest calculation problem in life.

  34. Let yourself mature while looking for opportunities. When the time is ripe, the ideal can be achieved.

  35. While passing through the forest, I feel that the death of the sparrow gives me some inspiration. Although we live in the dust net, never lose the heart that wants to fly, don't forget the flying posture.

  36. The course of life is like a word written on the water, flowing down the river, and always loses its trace when you want to look back.

  37, I will wait, because the best things, always come to the finale.

  38. As long as you manage yourself, you don't have to listen to anyone's gossip. This is your life.