1. Silence for a long time, it will become depressed. The crowd seems to have only oneself, and it is endlessly deserted. Occasionally, I was stabbed in my heart by a word that was not related . Love does not require return, and does not even feel what you have given. Only this kind of love can make you understand freedom.

  2, no one will like loneliness, not afraid of loneliness, but disappointment, but compared to the cold and hot, loneliness makes people feel solid. You are by my side, in the horizon, thinking of the corner of the world, you feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable.

  3, the real love is, I let you move, you make me feel at ease. I can't give you the best of everything in the world, but I will definitely give you the best of everything. Sometimes, people who have been in love for a long time suddenly don't love. After listening to the song for a long time, you suddenly don't listen. You have changed your habits for many years. After all, time is still stronger than love.

  4, as long as there is still unwillingness in my heart, I will not give up. Do you sometimes feel that the inner self, the hidden and tired, hides and lets you rummaging through the cabinet.

  5, the most sad love, not as far apart as two parallel lines, but like two cross lines, after knowing each other and gradually drifting away. Compared with people who have a heartbeat, they want to meet people who are comfortable with themselves. The reason is very simple. Stay away from the people who make you uncomfortable, and close to people who make you comfortable.

  6. Never doubt my love for you. Even if one day I am old and even forget my name, I will not forget you. Sometimes, there is no next time, no chance to come back, no suspension. Sometimes, if you miss the present, you will never have a chance forever.

  7, the most want is you, the most do not want to disturb you is also, I hope that without my winter you are still warm as spring. Since you have been my sweetheart, since then, the wind and snow are not tolerant, only you like it year after year.

  8. Why do you clearly fall in love, but you will break up. Why do you think about it, but you have to hurt it. We often make the wrong decision to do wrong things, not without judgment, but because the emotions are excited. When someone fails to wipe tears out his hand to you, will be better succeed when so many people reach out to applaud you.

  9, I love you, but also want to share all the happiness in this world with you, even if you are tortured by the body. The love I want is not a short-lived gentleness, but a lifelong wait, not a temporary goodwill, but sticking together. If this life only does a romantic thing, it is to grow old with you.

  10. Giving love more than getting love is more important to one's heart, because as long as you start doing this, it proves that your heart has not rotted. I used to think that sadness will flow a lot of tears. Originally, the real Sad, there is no tears in the flow. Everything will pass, and we all live like this.

  11, I really want to go back a long time, long time ago, to meet the eye-catching thoughts are my own, and I am full of joy and thought of my life. There are some people who will not be together in this life, but there is a kind of miss that can be hidden in my heart for a lifetime.

  12, probably you have not experienced the feeling of being smashed into the tears, the pepper is hot to the scorpion, so you do not understand the helplessness of the sad. When you fall in love with you, you don’t understand your feelings. If you leave, you will know that you are unforgettable.