Classic quotation : The grin on the corner of your mouth is a rare hope in the cold winter
  1. This world can be done easily and effortlessly, only poverty and aging, and others require effort.
  2. Your temperament is more important than age, smile is more important than appearance, happiness is more important than everything.
  3. Sometimes I think how wonderful it is to "come as promised". Waited hard, but never disappointed.
  4. Sometimes it's because I'm deliberately careful to be angry, or I can't help but feel aggrieved. Suddenly found that so many people have been lost around me. It turns out that some people, without knowing it, have faded the relationship.
  5. Car racing is just like being a human . Sometimes you have to stop and sometimes you have to rush. -"The Legend of Speed"
  6. I always feel that I do n’t have to worry about anything, and it ends up being “too late”.
  7. If you are not good at it, don't lose your temper, otherwise you will be in trouble. Do n’t have much ability, do n’t want too much desire, otherwise you will be very painful. Doing your own thing, going your own way, and living in the eyes of others is the saddest thing in the world.
  8. On the way with you, I hope the distance from good morning to good night.
  9. Don't try to talk to young people about experience. It's better to fall down than to say 10,000 sentences. Tears taught him to be a man, and he regretted helping him grow. Pain is the best teacher. In fact, the detour of life is indispensable for one meter.
  10. The ability between people is not very different. What really distinguishes people is his vision and effort.
  11. Eat well, sleep well, and regularly dump the trash in your heart.
  12. Be a layman, wander your whole life, clean and free.
  13. If he cares about you, he will be more afraid to miss than you.
  14. Hope you can understand that a lifetime is too long, and meeting the wrong person is more terrible than being alone.
  15. We have to go to the end, we must meet each other, we must live together for life. I am with you in this mood, just to reach the age of Hua Jia, there is still a sentence, I love you.
  16. Every day is in a state of excess heart and insufficient sleep, excess heart and insufficient IQ, excess heart and insufficient balance.
  17. The pessimist calls half a glass of water half empty, the optimist calls half a glass of water half full, and I enjoy life now half full. - Eileen Chang "small reunion"
  18. If one day you find that I don't care about that much anymore, it's not understanding, it's giving up. The age that should have been played, but how serious it is. The youth that should have been indulged, but how can they only listen to fate.
  19. I admire those who can tolerate, cover my pain so deeply, and only take pleasure to share with others. In fact, my heart's sorrow has already flooded into disasters, but it looks like nothing is wrong, the years are good, in fact, I am that kind of person.
  20. The grin on the corner of your mouth is a rare hope in the cold winter.