This city is very windy, lonely people always come home late
  1. I'm not afraid to become a person I hate. I'm afraid that I'm not as good as them.
  2, no matter how much grievance. I just hold it in my heart. Not that I do n’t want to say, I just do n’t know what to say, and who I can talk to.
  3. Missing is very long, so one day is like two years, and the time is very short, so two years are like one day.
  4. Are you looking for a sentence again just to show that person.
  5. The more we are in darkness, the more we must concentrate on finding the light.
  6, love is a traitor to liberate life. -Schopenhauer's "Distress of Love and Life"
  7. Don't let your past determine your future. -"Ant-Man"
  8. It is not enough for a person to have this life, this life, he should also have a poetic world. - Wang Xiaobo
  9. I tried desperately not to make the people around me sad, but found that it was me who was injured.
  10. The more you grow up, the less you dare to rely on others. Because people's hearts change, what you give yourself is called a sense of security.
  11. The world is small and the city is large. People who lack fate may never see you again for life. ——Idle People Have Free Time Out of Print
  12. Don't love an impossible person, and don't do spare tires. You can fall in love with someone alone, but don't wait for long-term unrequited love.
  13. If he loves you, you can love more than him, this is called affection.
  14. On each night when the stars fell, count my loneliness over and over again. - GJM "small time"
  15. Make the busy and busy work outstanding, and lead the wonderful life.
  16. Love is a bird. It has two wings. If you fold one, you will fall to the ground. ——Fang Keqiang "Love Has Two Wings"
  17. If you are not crazy, you will grow old. After being crazy, you will find that you are getting older faster.
  18. Even if I exhaust my energy to keep, the one who should go will still go, and no one will stay for whom.
  19. It doesn't matter if you're used to it, but it doesn't take care of everything.
  20. The city is very windy, and lonely people always come home late.