2019 latest motivational quotes for encouraging struggles
  1. We have single-handedly entered this world, only to live out all the possibilities that belong to ourselves. May you have both the rivers and lakes that you can live in, and the braveness of chasing the wind and dreams.
  2, the impermanence of the world should always be used for a period of time, always have a powerless unhappiness to let you stay for a short time, so that when you shine in the future, can thank these bad days, bad days often have special value But the premise is that you have to go over and you have to make all the bad things worthwhile.
  3, no one will care about how much effort you have worked hard to get tired and not hurt, they will only see where you last stood and then envy or despise.
  4. If you don't work hard today and don't work hard tomorrow, then your life is just repeating. You must be convinced that it is not the alarm clock that wakes you up every day, but the dream in your heart . A new day begins. The only person you should strive to surpass is the self of the past.
  5, where there is any god's care, the so-called luck and success are derived from your own efforts and efforts. Remember, every step you take now is pulling the gap between you and others. To be done, you will be the strong man of life.
  6, people, there must be pressure, but can not be crushed; can be confused, but can not despair; real life tells us: people's destiny depends on their own struggle , not only fantasy, do not give up a chance, do not stop all efforts! Come on! good Morning!
  7, everyone's growth, it takes time to precipitate. Many people are unwilling to work hard, because they feel that they will not pay back in a short time. But do you know that every time you grow up, you may be at a certain node in the future, making you more dazzling. Destiny never disappoints every person who runs hard, all the light will eventually be seen!
  8, in life, you must always pay attention to what you want, not always pay attention to your fear! When there is no road left and right, the fate must encourage you to fly upwards.
  9. Life is alive, don't always compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own characteristics. If you can't make a big tree, you can make a small grass. If you don't become a captain, you can be a sailor. The most important thing is to know yourself, find yourself, position yourself, and be the best you can! good Morning!
  10, life is the most important thing, not where you stand, but in what direction you want to go! With inner hopes, you can hold up your arrogance. If you have a dream, you will have hope and hope, and you will have a future! Good morning everyone!