I would rather work hard for a while, don’t work hard for a lifetime.
  1. Follow the call of the heart, live seriously, and let every day see joy.
  2. Bold insights are like the pieces that are being moved. It may be eaten, but it is the beginning of the game.
  3. Some people no longer eat fish because they are afraid of stabbing themselves. Many people refused the beginning of everything because they were afraid of harming themselves in the process of doing things.
  4, life has given us a lot of gifts for everyone, but some people forgot to open it, some people abandoned aside, some people did not even find, those gifts called "experience." ——Zhu Deyong
  5, life must have three tears, crying the world can not be a big thing, two crying articles do not meet confidants, three crying never fell into the beautiful. These three tears are not comparable to the children and children, but the great hero can get the taste.
  6, please be sure to believe in yourself, be sure to accept the way you like yourself, be sure to make yourself what you really like. If what you want to do is not what the elders control you, not what the society has prescribed you. Please be sure to stand up for yourself and gently overthrow the world. Then turn the world into ours.
  7, looking for the future of dreams, laughing at the helplessness of reality. When you can't go backwards, when you are no longer embarrassed, always move forward. The road is always there.
  8. There are two paths in life: one is called the heart calendar, and the other is called the experience. The heart calendar leads the experience and experiences a full heart. If the heart is young, even if it is bumpy, life and the world are not old; if the heart is old, even if it is calm, life has entered a barren year. Life is not getting older, but it is getting old. If the heart is dead, everything will be done; if the heart continues, the road will not end.
  9, cut a period of time, holding the warmth along the way, the most dull days into a poetic landscape.
  10. I didn't mean to avoid age, but I never realized the traces of my age. The journey of growing up is a lesson of pain. Compared to the scarred experience and accumulation, I cherish the pure man who will protect me from the wind and rain.
  11. What kind of man is a fate, but what kind of man you fall in and who you leave is your own business.
  12. Life sometimes forces you to have to hand over power, have to let go of opportunities, and even have to leave love . You can't get everything, you should learn to give up in life, just like cleaning up files on your computer.
  13. Every girl is not a high-eyed person. Instead, she has to give her a lifetime to a man. This action does require careful consideration. Looking at people is even more important.
  14. Because of my old age, I am slow to move. When I walk in the queue and go up the stairs, I am often robbed in front of me. Strictly speaking, this is not very polite, but I am always calm. Because I don't think that his first step is to give priority to life. On the contrary, the success of the path of life lies in the correctness of judgment, the ability to learn , the courage to correct mistakes, and not to rush with others, and thus offend others. - Mao Yuqi
  15. Everything in the world can be repeated. Love can be discussed again. Spouses can choose another, identity can be concocted, money can be earned, and even history can be repeated, but life cannot.
  16. If I forgive you for a mistake, please don't make another mistake on the same mistake, otherwise you are either stupid or stupid. It’s stupid, no one wants to, stupid stupid is because I love you. Love, you can have no underwear, but you can't have no bottom line! I love you, but I will never allow you to take my love for you as a chip, be enslaved by you, let you play. The shelf life of love, if you do not hesitate, I do not love, expired and void! ——Hongshui
  17. Love is never shallow. There is perfection, patience, dedication, and waiting. Love is the first time you meet with a heartbeat. It is still a hundred thousand times and still remembers. It is still around when you are displaced.
  18. Words are useless. Holding hands for a long time is a more appropriate comfort, because there are very few people who can speak, and there are fewer people who really have words. - Zhang Ailing's "Golden Lock"
  19. It is not a difficulty, but a dream , that pushes you forward . Live a life you want and be a person worth remembering many years later.
  20, I would rather work hard for a while, don't work hard for a lifetime.