Your careless words warmed my whole heart
  1. In the face of those who do not love you, attachment and entanglement are synonymous.
  2, learn something, is a gift. Even the teacher who teaches you to learn is called pain.
  3. Please be confident . You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in other people's landscapes.
  4. When most people are paying attention to the high and low speed of your flight, only a small number of people care about the tiredness of your flight. This is friendship.
  5, life will be a good degree to a certain degree will be better, because it can not be worse. After hard work, I learned a lot of things, insisted on persisting, and came over.
  6. I have feelings for people, not for the house. The dead thing for me is not so. If a friend says that I like my clothes, take it. The family said that they like my car, you take it. Those things have no effect on me. I value friends most, love. - Leslie Cheung
  7. Pain is a very magical thing. It turns fuzzy things into clarity. Turn the dull things into sharp ones. It is through being hurt that the feeling of love becomes clear and sharp. The sense of being is always associated with pain, and safety is always close to numbness. ——Liu Yu
  8. Every time I want to find someone to accompany me, I find that some people can't find it, some people shouldn't find it, and some people can't find it.
  9. Pinning your happiness on others will inevitably be disappointing. People are not able to pay 100% of others outside of a certain limit. You can say that this is selfish, but you must admit that this selfishness is not malicious. Who is the most reliable in this world? No one else, only yourself. If we are strong enough, brave enough, and independent, others will be better for us. This is a gift of fairness. - Roland
  10, no feelings are perfect, we are all tailors of feelings, seams and supplements.
  11, the most grumpy of the feelings, not quarrel or cold war, but obviously like, but also pretend not to care. Love, total self-esteem tied together. But self-esteem is not a high-profile attitude, but a candid face to yourself. The world is accustomed to playing a kind of glamorous disdain. The better the acting, the farther away from happiness. Don't hide too much, happiness will not find you. - Su Shi
  12, flowers bloom sometimes, flowers sometimes, no need to nostalgia, the end of the walk must go; no need to demand, the coming will come sooner or later.
  13. I gradually understand that the less people need for others, the more comfortable they will live. No one, even if he is willing, can't fully meet the needs of another person. The only way is to make his own needs. So when I feel that your needs are too strong, I will scold myself and suppress myself. I will think of belittle it, make it ordinary, and not cause harm. - Liao Yimei
  14, happiness is not necessarily a long-awaited, high-ranking official Lu, calling for the rain. Ordinary people have the happiness of ordinary people, as long as you know how to live, as long as you do not give up the pursuit of a better life, you will not be abandoned by happiness.
  15. What is married? Marrying well is not about marrying a rich man, but marrying a man who can give you a sense of security. Living in the villa every day, tears, you are not entering heaven but hell. A woman who is truly married is a stupid bird who lives in a unit but is embarrassed by her husband. I love you for a while, pet you for a lifetime, and lie to you forever! In fact, the days are well spent. It is really not how much money, but carefree and worry-free.
  16. When and where, you must understand, live to yourself, don't take too much attention from others' evaluations, and don't care too much if everything is innocent.
  17. There is a kind of loss, can not be said, can only rely on feelings; there is a kind of sadness, can not say, can only rely on collecting; there is a kind of like, can only be concealed by deception; there is a kind of heartache, called love can not speak. ——Zhang Ailing
  18, the first button on the button is wrong, but you can only find the last one. Some things are wrong at first, but they have to be recognized only at the end.
  19, people need to settle, have enough time to reflect, in order to make themselves more perfect.
  20, sometimes, your careless words, warmed my entire heart.