Even if I am a geek, I am still fascinated by you.
  1. The years wrinkle the skin and give up the wrinkling of the soul.
  2. Don't take too much attention from others' evaluations. If you don't care about everything, you don't have to worry too much.
  3, romance does not need to spend a lot of money, but the right people, to appreciate some small beauty, that is the greatest romance in life.
  4. Happiness = "earth", "¥", "clothing" and "one mouth". Happiness is: there is a piece of land that is settled down, a little money, clothes, and a career. This is happiness too.
  5, the reason why the scars hurt, is because we are keen to touch, to recollect, to show people. If you are in love with your memory, you will be saddened by the past. The fool is even worse, and the wise is hurt. Time will iron out all the joys and sorrows, without too much embarrassment, complaints, hatred, not deleted in the past, the future will come. Believe in those that you can't overcome, overcome, forbearance, and tolerance, as long as you haven't put you to death, you will be stronger .
  6, learn to let go, everything is bearish, not concerned, do not care, is right and wrong does not matter. The heart is a painter, grasping his heart and letting his heart be clean, white and quiet.
  7, life has a word called cherish, cherish is the meaning of happiness. Those who have experienced hunger will know how to cherish food and clothing; those who have experienced bondage will know how to cherish freedom; those who have experienced pain will know how to cherish happiness; those who have experienced loss will know how to cherish the present. Happiness is not a struggle, it is not robbing, it is cherished, and only cherish it will not be lost.
  8, love is afraid of silence, too many people, thinking that love to the depths is speechless. In fact, love is an emotion that is difficult to describe and requires detailed expression and transmission.
  9, no absolute noble, no absolute humble. When the heart is a drop of water, it lives as a drop of water, and once it drops into the sea, it becomes the sea. If people realize that there is a heart in life , then all the jealousy, lost, and vanity are nothing but the dust.
  10. You don't have to tell all the truth, but all you have to say is true.
  11, low-key is a kind of cultivation, it has the power of wavering and calm, like the water. Low-key is a kind of sobriety, it is alive and well, leaving a warning to yourself. Low-key is a kind of silence, it has the earth-like generosity and the mountain-like toughness.
  12, the gentleman's way, light and not tired, simple and gentle, gentle and reasonable. Knowing the distance, knowing the wind, knowing the micro, can enter the German.
  13, you are you, not the original you! You are you, not you yesterday! The journey of the coming and going, the journey of one stop after another, in the turbulence and displacement, as long as you return to your heart and self-satisfaction, you will be settled, quiet, and safe, so that I can walk in any remote place. Can be carefree and have something to do. Sleeping every day is a stop for the journey. Wake up every day is a starting point for the journey. - Lin Qingxuan, "Heart is beautiful, everything is beautiful"
  14. Be a pure person, keep your eyes on small, bright things, away from the chaos and arrogance.
  15. Dear yourself, love yourself, no one will feel bad about you. If you are not happy, find a corner or cry in the quilt. You don't need others to be sympathetic. Dear yourself, learn to control your emotions, no one owes you, so don't just temper your temper. Dear yourself, there is only one person in the world, even if no one knows how to appreciate, you must love yourself.
  16. Your tears are noble guests, don't let it flow easily.
  17. If you have cats and fish at the same time, the cat eats fish. In addition to blaming the cat, you should blame yourself. By the same token, when you know that human nature has weaknesses, but you don't take precautions, and you suffer losses, you should review yourself in addition to resentment. Everyone is a human being, and there are human natures and evils. We can never forget the human weakness because of the goodness of the other party.
  18, this life, some men are just processes, only one will be the end; some men make you grow up, but only one will accompany you to the end; some men have made you sad, but can not always make you sad.
  19, this life is only willing to see your smile as soon as you look up, it is like the warm sun in the winter, a photo of the city.
  20, the happiest love is, even though I am a fascinating person, still be fascinated by you.