Classic quotes of the soul chicken soup , warm and inspirational !
    1. Effort, cherish, and conscience, do not expect unexpected good luck, only hope that all efforts will pay off.
    2, let your heart gradually become cold and hard, often the one who was closest to you.
    3, growth is when I was sad, when the oil and salt did not enter the tea, I can now go to the kitchen while crying, and I will not forget to add two poached eggs.
    4. Life can't be as good as you think, but it won't be as bad as you think. I feel that people's vulnerability and strength are beyond their imagination. Sometimes, I may burst into tears with a word , and sometimes I find myself walking a long way with my teeth.
    5, disappointment and anger are not the same, anger is just wanting to be jealous, and disappointment is what you say I can't listen to, start thinking rationally, without hope.
    6. Know a person relying on fate to understand that one person relies on patience, conquers one person by wisdom, and lives with each other by tolerance.
    7, the soul chicken soup: good-looking skins are all the same, interesting souls are few, interesting similar, odor or similar, can meet someone who can accompany themselves to "mad" at any time, it must be fortunate for the three students.
    8. Only those who meet the likes will become words, and those who do not like it will not want to say more.
    9, too much to move others, others will become more difficult to overcome you; too much to let others, others will be insulted to hurt you. In fact, most of the people you meet are used by your "good".
    10. Don't take advantage of friends' cheapness. How close is the relationship. Once there is no limit, there is no bottom line.
    11. Living in the way you want is not selfish, asking others to live in the way they want is selfish.
    12. I hate that someone has ignored me for a long time, and then suddenly started talking to me as if nothing had happened.
    13. I don’t remember how many times I said “I don’t care about him anymore.” “No longer because he has wronged himself.” “I really vowed to like him again,” but as long as he hooked a little, I followed. go.
    14, the best mentality in love is: all my efforts are willing, I do not mention this. I would be very grateful if you reciprocate. If you are indifferent, I am not discouraged. Until one day I don't want to love you like this again, let us be different and happy.
    15. Warm quotations of the soul chicken soup: Don't just meet a person and feel guilty about Ta. You are a friend in your opinion. In Ta's opinion, you are a fool.
    16, hey, is the woman's highest level of love; silence, is the woman's most terrible cold. When a woman becomes quiet, it means she is forcing herself to let go.