You can't say impossible before you have tried it yourself.
  1. Pride, not only needs self-confidence , but also needs to be "understood". Only by putting yourself "high", you can see it far, and your neck can stretch longer, so that you can look down on others and let others look up and not see yourself. "top".
  2. When you want to give up in life, please tell yourself that you can't give all the good things of the whole world to the nasty people.
  3, people for a lifetime, you have to believe this: no need to force to stay, can not stay without effort. Come and go, be strong.
  4, you always like to drag things to the next day, you can not always drag, and one day, you will have a lot of things to do, you are not enough for the rest of your life.
  5. No matter what age you are in, I think we should all learn to be gentle to the people around us. If you say it at least, don’t add to others, because you may not know that language really has a magical power, it will let you Lovers love you, and people who love you will decide to leave you.
  6, I don't care if the twisted melon is sweet and not sweet, just twist it down, I will be happy when I turn it down!
  7. In the past, life must have the heart to have it. Now, life must have money to have it. This is the greatest sorrow of our modern people.
  8. Generally speaking: What you talk about, you have already admitted it; so many questions are not affirmative or negative, but rather talk about it.
  9. Everything in life is not a coincidence. What you get is due to what you paid for.
  10. What is helpless is that the language is so weak when expressing love; when it is hurt, it is so sharp.
  11. In the relationship, the difference between a boy and a man is not in the age, but in the former being busy proving himself and the latter knowing how to take care of others.
  12. No one comes to this world in order to love you. Others are never the center of their own lives, enrich their lives, become better people, and meet better people.
  13, the state of mind "state", dismantled, is a big heart. If the heart is bigger every day, how can the mentality be bad?
  14. When you give up, only a short period of time is easy, and the rest of your life may be more difficult. And when you hold on , it may be a bit bitter to work hard, but every day in the future will be easier.
  15. Later, I realized that this is the world of humanity. Once the contact is broken, I don’t know how to open it.
  16, survived this difficult time, I believe that the bad days have passed, and the rest is good luck.
  17. However, before you have tried it personally, you can't say "impossible"! You can't talk about "powerlessness" until you have worked hard .
  18, we often envy the luck of others, but you do not know that it is the light that others have been brewing for a long time. You envy the beauty of others, but I don't know how much they have paid behind them. They still foolishly attribute this to their luck. But what is the natural fortune in this world, but it is the accumulation of efforts in the past. When you work hard to a certain extent, you will be lucky to meet you.
  19. Everyone is not easy. I always keep three things in mind: First, you have to be inferior. Others are good at themselves, not because they are so attractive. The second is to let people be polite and not to destroy each other's distance. The third is to ask people not to look forward to, to help, to be happy, helpless and grateful, because everyone has their own difficulties.
  20, people, less commitment, more practical. Don't talk about it, set it behind.