Classic Quotations : If you are not particularly lucky, you must work hard.
  1. Unhappy, often it is not a problem in life, but a problem in your lifestyle.
  2. Some people in life have rubbed their shoulders with us, but they have no time to meet them; when they meet, they have no time to meet each other; they know each other, but they are too late to be familiar; if they are familiar, they still have to say goodbye.
  3. Choose comfort in your twenties, which is the greatest cruelty to yourself. The more lazy in the early stages of life, the more likely you will miss the people and things that make you feel excited. Remember that all comfort is a stumbling block until the ability matches the ideal. If you can solve it with sweat, don't use tears. From today on, work harder!
  4, choose the ease, you do not have to envy others to be full and wonderful; choose the stormy waves, you do not have to yearn for the quiet.
  5, cold war or grievances, no matter when, as long as you are a soft word, a smile or a hug, I can laugh and forgive.
  6. Sometimes, we say "As long as you are happy," but I hope that I am the happiness of the other person.
  7, the biggest opponent of people, often not others, but their own laziness. Don't expect to hit the big luck, luck can't be on you forever, you have to rely on your ability to eat at any time.
  8. In life, you don't understand my tiredness. I don't know your suffering. Therefore, complaints will arise and conflicts will arise. In the feelings, you feel that you are paying more. I feel that I contribute a lot, so I often don't satisfy and feel less reward. Regardless of people, feelings and feelings, think more about each other's perspectives, and think about the other side, in fact, no one is easy, they need to care!
  9. Some people, if they accidentally step on your feet, will apologize, but some people step on it in your heart, not even knowing it.
  10. The biggest regret is not to miss the best people, but when you meet a better person, you have already used up your best. Feelings are consumables. I only wish you to leave the best of yourself to the right person.
  11, do not care too much about what some people say, because they have a mouth, but not necessarily have a brain.
  12, no matter what age, don't let the best of yourself! Change every sentence "I can't" to "I can learn" and change every sentence "I don't dare" to "I must do it." Trying is always better than never starting!
  13. Maybe a person has to go a long way, and through the numerous bustling and desolation in life, it will become mature.
  14. Later, I realized that this is the world of humanity. Once the contact is broken, I don’t know how to open it.
  15. It is really important to be a person of interest. This will not bother others, nor will they embarrass themselves. It is simply a joy.
  16, life, not necessarily every day is very good, but every day there must be a small good waiting for you to discover.
  17. Some imprints, printed on the walls, printed in the fingers, gradually disappeared with the passage of time; there are also some imprints, printed in the pupils, printed on the apex, the longer the time, the more profound.
  18, I deeply feel that most people are doing things together, never want to keep improving, and do one thing to the extreme. In fact, in this era, I have studied everything, and I have unlimited opportunities to work hard. It is a pity that there are too many people who are immersed in the day, and they feel that they are very bullish. In fact, there are really few levels.
  19, really deep winter, the temperature is a few degrees lower, but I have not turned white, but the people who left have never returned.
  20. If you are not particularly lucky, you must work hard; life is expensive, please don't waste! The past will not look back, and will not be in the future.