Classic quotes, full of positive energy, do your best!
    1. When you start to get better, the world in your eyes will really be different.
    2. Life has never been truly desperate. No matter how much hardship, no matter how much suffering , as long as a person's heart is still bearing the seeds of a belief , then one day, he will be able to get out of the predicament and let life re-flower. good night!
    3, want a decent life, but also feel hard to work hard; want to be healthy, but can not adhere to exercise. The most frustrating thing for people is to be irresponsible to themselves. Even if they can't do anything they can promise, why bother to complain that the world is against you? The truth of life is very simple. If you want something, just go for enough effort.
    4. The life you said on your mouth is your life. Therefore, we must say positive words and gradually turn the words we have said into reality.
    5, what you have to do is that others can't change, then you can't do it, it's useless!
    6. The more people can't get rid of you, the harder you have to work hard. The more others attack you, the more you have to make achievements. The meaning of being alive is not to worry about food and clothing, but to take the courage to do things you dare not do, to try life that you have never tried before! Enrich your life experience, you have a "story" to tell others! Let us be the one who has a story to tell.
    7, do not think that indifferent to fame and fortune does not have to struggle, in this era, just to maintain the status quo, but also need to constantly strive.
    8, the real tenacity, it should be thorough when crying, when you laugh, you must open your mind, when you say it, you should do it all. Do not hesitate when you do it.
    9. People always love to compare with others to see who is better than themselves, and who can't compare with themselves. In fact, for the bottom of your troubles and sorrows, it is never the misfortune and pain of others, but your own attitude.
    10, want to become excellent, it is impossible to go with the flow, you need to do a lot, spend a lot of time, patience and persistence. good night!
    11. Use your dreams to lead your life. Use the attitude of gratitude, sincerity, and help others to lead your life. Leading your life with a persistent, fearless, and optimistic attitude. --Kai-fu Lee
    12, at a certain age, you must throw away four things: meaningless wine bureau, people who don't love you, look down on your relatives, friends who are false and false. But there must be four things: the confidence in Yang’s face, the kindness in the heart, the bones in the blood, and the strength in life.
    13. Efforts will never be in vain. Today, the seeds are sown, and somewhere you can't see or think of, quietly take root.
    14. Others can do things for you, but they can't feel for you. The road to life depends on walking by yourself.
    15. Even if you don't have talent, as long as you are willing to spend a little time each day doing the same thing, you will go very far without knowing it.
    16. Life is expected to wear the expectation of autumn water, and there will be unexpected joys. Learn to dance in the wind on the windy days, learn to hold an umbrella for yourself when it rains.
    17. Success stems from discovering details. Without details, there is no opportunity. Paying attention to detail means creating opportunities. A small thing that is commonplace may be the key to unlocking the treasure house of opportunity!
    18, the biggest opponent of people, often not others, but their own laziness. Don't expect to hit the big luck, luck can't be on you forever, you have to rely on your ability to eat at any time. You must do your best to be qualified to say that you are not lucky.
    19, the trees grow tall to absorb the sun, the eagle flies high to capture prey, people stand tall to accept the challenge.
    20, protect your dreams, and on the day it blossoms, it will let you look down on all those who have seen you low.