Classic quotation short sentences, really good
  1. A person, if you can't control your emotions, even if you give the whole world, you will destroy everything sooner or later. If you can't be a master of mind, you will inevitably become a slave to your emotions. Remember: the temper is never greater than the skill.
  2, what protection you are, what restrictions are imposed, can give you shelter from the wind, but also can make you not see the sky.
  3, a man not to be so sensitive, so do not be soft-hearted, too sensitive and too soft-hearted person, certainly not happy flies, others casual word , you have to cranky all day. Perhaps people who are too emotional, the days will not be better, and the abuse of your abuse will be lost in minutes.
  4. The reason why people are suffering is to pursue the wrong things. If you don't bother yourself, others will never bother you. You can not let go because of your heart. Teach yourself well, regardless of others. - Lu Yao "Ordinary World"
  5, life is only a few dozen years, popularity, not how many people know you, but how many people are willing to help you; contacts, not how many people you used, but how many people you have helped; popularity, not How many people tout you in front of you, but how many people praise you behind your back.
  6, look at people, do not look at it with your eyes, easy to see, not to listen to ears, because they are lies. As long as you use your time and feel it with your heart, you can't really fake it. It can't be fake.
  7, the road of life, stop and go is a kind of leisure, while walking to see that it is an elegant, forgetting while walking is a kind of open-minded.
  8. When you are worried, it is necessary to go out and meet the world. Look at the different landscapes, contact different people and things, you will know that your troubles are more you think about yourself.
  9. Let yourself be busy, busy until there is no time to think about things that are not important, and many things are quietly forgotten. Time does not necessarily prove a lot of things, but it must be able to see a lot of things. Believe in your choice, do not waver, run hard, tomorrow will be better.
  10, the most beautiful thing is not to retain time, but to retain memory. Really powerful, not forgive others, but let go of yourself.
  11, some stories, in addition to memories, no one will stay; some helpless, in addition to silence, no one will say; some things, in addition to themselves, no one will understand.
  12, when you know a lot of real false things, there is not so much acidity, you will become more and more silent, more and more do not want to say, but more and more understand their own heart
  13. In the end, how many people still don’t understand it. People want to maintain a long-lasting and comfortable relationship, relying on commonality and attraction. Rather than oppression, bundling, flattery, and blind pay and moral self-movement.
  14. Because there is because of it, so there is, therefore, since it has become, why bother to say.
  15. When a person has passed through the most difficult time, he no longer wants to find a dependence. Anyone is burdened.
  16. Excessive friendliness is a disease, and illness is an attempt to please everyone. People who are overly friendly are afraid to refuse, because they seem to reject others as well. Looking at the face bigger than the sky, often stems from the weakness of the heart. Everything is afraid of letting others down, it is also a kind of inferiority. Life is always a bit bullying and hard. A person who does not understand rejection at all cannot win true respect.
  17. I have never been poor and have been a man, and I am never innocent. Maturity is just good at hiding, but the vicissitudes of life are nothing but tears.
  18. More and more yesterday, less and less tomorrow. The road that has passed has been long, and there have been many people who have met. Inadvertently, the most beautiful scenery in life is the calmness and calmness of the heart, the wisdom and sobriety of the mind.
  19. Our fear of age is not in the old age brought about by age, but because of the increase in age, we still have nothing to gain.
  20. If nothing happens, it turns out to be the best revenge. Why do you prove anything to someone who is not worth it, and live better, for yourself.