Weary things can't be heard, some people sneer at you crying
  1, I am just sad, full of grievances, tears, full of sleep, and then come back.
  2, the feeling of being abandoned by a favorite person, like a long trip suddenly forgot the destination, unfortunately, you did not say goodbye to me when you left.
  3, life, uniform is love, uneven speed becomes a kind of injury. - Eileen Chang
  4. When you are sad, think of yourself as another person. How to comfort others at the beginning, how to comfort yourself now.
  5. When you are young, why do you have an answer, but when you are old, you may feel that there is no such answer in life.
  6, the real forget, not to no longer think of, but when you think of it, the heart no longer waves.
  7, no matter how much unevenness experienced, how many pains, have stretched their brows to live, the heart is full of peace and tranquility, the character is clear and open-minded.
  8, I make friends, never care whether he has money, anyway, I am not poor.
  9. It’s not that time passes very slowly because you are living very badly; not because time passes quickly, because time is more and more important to you...
  10, for the rest of your life, do not have to be reluctant, do not have to lie, people who love you, can understand your appearance.
  11, remember one sentence , self-deprecating is humor, ridicule others is not educated.
  12, I want to walk in front of you, help you block when the wind and rain, and want to follow you behind, when you are tired, hold you down, but I forgot, you do not need me.
  13. Do you know the difference between you and the stars? The stars light up the night, and you light my heart.
  14. Do the best things you like, do it for yourself, and do it for the world that doubts us.
  15. The greatest pleasure in life is that people who find themselves hate are just hated by others.
  16. I hope that you meet a person. When he looks at you, he is gentle and willing to do a lot of things with you. He says a lot of things go a lot.
  17. Is your mood good? Borrow me for a few days, my bad!
  18, desperately grow up, but ultimately pay for it. - "Little Forest"
  19. When a person has passed all the sadness, it seems that it is not so important to be with whom.
  20, tired things can not be heard, some people sneer at the appearance of your crying.