The days when you work hard but can't see the sun, will end !
    1. The days when you work hard but can't see the sun, will end.
    2. There are no people in the world who do not have injuries. Only those who can really heal themselves are themselves.
    3, people always ruin the best things, only to begin to feel that life is only as early as possible.
    4, life , and then boring time, are also limited edition.
    5, there is no flash of a pearl, it is smeared by others.
    6, the more knowledge, the less the less, the more experience, the less complaints, the more leisure, the more emotional.
    7. The home is a word with temperature. It is not only the place where our body rests, but also the harbor where our hearts stop.
    8, the group is at the mouth, alone in the heart. Self-cultivation is to clear the heart, and the world is cautious.
    9, the opportunity is like a hair on the bald head, you grab it and grab it, you can't catch it.
    10, deal with the relationship with people, three sentences: look at people's strengths, help people, and remember the benefits.
    11. Maturity is a very painful word. It does not necessarily get, but it will definitely be lost.
    12, caring about a person's cost is too high, must be enthusiasm, disappointment, time and spirit, is a steady loss does not earn things.
    13. In life, if you hesitate yesterday, you will give up today, even if you wait for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be nothing.