If you are a person with a preference, you will be willing to spend the rest of your life.
  1, life in the world, grievances are inevitable, digestion is the driving force for growth, can not be digested will become temper.
  2, everyone is most afraid of giving their heart is to go, but others are back is a knife. Friendship is also good, love is also true.
  3. Understand the hard work of others, the grace of others, the warmth of others, and the mistakes of others.
  4, you come, the breeze will come, you come, the tide will come, you come, there will be a kind of warmth sneak into the heart. ——Wang Guozhen
  5, probably, everyone will encounter a person can not be together, could not bear to let go, insist they tired, love and not when the most suffering.
  6, the embarrassing jokes do not open, people do not want to do resentful things, know how to stop and not annoying.
  7, like winter but hate cold, just like you but afraid of sadness.
  8. When you no longer blindly envy others, no longer live in the shadow of others, focus on improving yourself, you will find that the days are not so difficult, and your own stories are also wonderful.
  9. I will try my best to make myself the best, even if everyone can't see it, even if the time is still old, even if you can't give me a hug.
  10, God gave you many times, the opportunity to be silly, you have all caught.
  11, not for the past, the rest of the life is only willing to laugh.
  12. Leave me alone and don't comfort me. I have to know that every sewing will also suffer from puncture pain. --"break up letter"
  13, companionship is better than words, details are better than love.
  14. It takes a second to meet a person. It takes an hour to like someone. It takes one day to fall in love with someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. - a few meters
  15. In a tired life, there must always be some gentle dreams . May all true heart not be disappointed. May all efforts be rewarded. May all be as you wish.
  16, when the flower is full, the road is not seen yesterday.
  17, soft and embarrassed will only kill themselves, to feed a group of vampires.
  18, stunned heart is just a shock, the rice and oil is the life style of a lifetime.
  19. We must always learn to face parting. However, parting does not mean the end, the warm memories that have been experienced together will always remain in memory and will always warm us.
  20, one person is preferred, and willing to spend the rest of his life generously.