Love is never shallow, there is perfection
  1, the joy of friends, expensive in that solid trust.
  2, only to make yourself good enough, is qualified to start a good love .
  3. The important thing is not to win the cheers of others when you arrive, but to miss others when you leave.
  4, the pinyin of sleep is shuimian, the pinyin of insomnia is shimian. Tossing and turning the night can not be embarrassed, only because there is one less u.
  5, life is bumpy, busy, forget what, can not forget the true feelings, conscience. No matter how poor or how frustrated, you must have a true feeling and treat others with sincerity. No matter how rich, how to be proud, do not annihilate conscience, true feelings and people.
  6, life needs to maintain a passion, passion can make others feel that you are unstoppable, it will make way for your success ! The unyielding temperament of a person can touch people and change many things.
  7. I hope that I am also a star: if I will shine, I don't have to be afraid of darkness. If I am so beautiful, then all fear can be dispelled. - Wang Xiaobo
  8, you can only go one way, miss the other.
  9. When you feel that life is not so good, when you are not so satisfied with your performance, when you are disappointed with the person you love or yourself, when you feel that you can never persist , please remember to say to yourself: It doesn't matter, we are all grown up like this. - Rao Xueman, "Those girls should know"
  10. The important sign of maturity is not to learn to "express" but to learn to "swallow." Obviously, many times the grievances want to break out, and the fire is on the lips, but helplessly smiles. In fact, a lot of love in the world is love. Another way of saying love is "bearing." A person has always endured you, that is, loves you. Judging how deep love is, it depends on how long it takes. - Su Shi
  11, many times, in the face of those who thought that they could not get through, in the face of things that were unacceptable for a while, all we can do is silence, silence, and so on. I believe that after the pain of this night, there is still a new morning. There are many sorrows that live in the world, but there are also joys. Even if the days of joy are much less than the days of crying, this world is still worthy of our journey. - "People who cry late at night"
  12. There are a few things in life that must not be lost: self-control, calm mind, hope and confidence.
  13. It doesn't matter if you have more money and less money. The most important thing is to find a man who knows you and hurts you. In fact, women want LV, in fact, what is necessary is the man's willingness! A woman wants a gift for your business trip. In fact, it is a man’s concern! Women want to hug and kiss, in fact, it is the warmth of men! Women want to quarrel, in fact, what is necessary is the tolerance of men! Everything a woman wants is nothing more than a man who cares about her feelings! - "Beijing meets Seattle"
  14. It takes wisdom to get something, and it takes courage to give up one thing. (Classic statement)
  15. What kind of man really loves you? He may not be able to give you the best life right away, but he must be working hard for a better future. He may not be able to cater to your habits immediately, but he must be making changes for you. He may not be able to satisfy all your wishes, but never ignore your thoughts. Two people love each other, the best thing is this. That is to work together, change together, and dream together.
  16. No matter how bad things happen today, you should not feel sad. Not a long life. Forgive everyone and things before going to bed every night.
  17. People tend to think of communication as a kind of ability, but neglecting solitude is also a kind of ability, and in a certain sense is a more important ability than communication. On the other hand, it is a pity to be uncomfortable, and it is not a serious flaw to be intolerant of loneliness.
  18, you have to know that what you have is the best. Not because a good thing, you do everything possible to have it. But because you already have it, you feel that it is the best.
  19. I am eager to see you, but please remember that I will not ask to see you. This is not because of pride, you know that I have no pride in front of you, but because, only when you want to see me, it makes sense for us to meet. - Beauvoir
  20, love is never shallow, there is perfection, there are patience, there are pay, there are waiting, love is the first time to meet the heartbeat, is a hundred thousand times still remember, is still around when leaving, love is a Promise, love is sometimes the biggest test of human nature.