When you get it, you are ruining, when you are lost, you are regretting
  1. A woman's self-confidence is her best makeup.
  2. When someone is important to you, the distance is no longer important.
  3, since the out of the monarch, the mirror is dark. Thinking of the king is like running water, why is it poor?
  4, most of the mistakes, because they do not insist , do not work hard, do not retain, and then hypnotize themselves that everything is fate.
  5, learn to dominate your own life, even if you are alone, it is not a bad situation. Not self-pity, not inferiority, no grievances, day by day, step by step, that joyful and inevitable arrival is in our own practice. - San Mao
  6. A side effect of growth is that it is not too strange to see who is separated from whom. But from another perspective, this may be a positive effect: no matter who leaves, you will have enough courage to face a new day. This is not bad or bad, it is a must for us.
  7, there is no need to blame for those who do not know how to cherish you, if a person begins to scorn you, please choose to leave. Keep a self-confidence, keep a dignity, prefer to be arrogant and moldy, and don't hang around to go crazy.
  8. Life, instead of constantly pursuing and being unable to satisfy, it is better to precipitate yourself first and see the real needs in your heart. As long as you are willing to open a closed heart, to experience and embrace the happiness in front of you, you will live richer and happier than others.
  9, love a person only two ways, give him freedom, or become a great woman. When I can turn around with a smile, I will understand that a person who does not love you will never be more important than your life .
  10. When you understand human nature, you may be able to forgive all selfishness and weakness, all lies and betrayal. Freud said that the heart of man is both for survival and for death. We chase the light, but we also chase the darkness. We want to get love, sometimes we are almost self-destructive and throw the love in our hands... There seems to be a ridiculous night in the hearts of the people, leaving it to the lonely and dark self. .
  11, feelings do not need promises, agreements and conditions. It only requires two people: a person who can trust, and a person who is willing to understand.
  12, life is not as good as people, must learn to self-warm and comfort, give yourself a little more appreciation and encouragement . Most of our survival backgrounds are cool, forcing us to forge ahead in the crisis, to choose between the dilemmas, and to give up in confusion.
  13. The cruelest thing in the world is not the person who did not meet love, but the one that met but eventually missed; the most sad thing in the world, not that the person you love does not love you, but the one that he loved you, and finally But don't love you.
  14. If you are not happy, go out and walk, the world is so big. The scenery is beautiful, there are many opportunities, and life is very short. Don't huddle in a shadow.
  15. A song evokes a memory. A cup of tea tastes a mood, and after reading the time, I know what I need. It turns out that thousands of trekking, thousands of kinds of search, all that is needed is a normal heart. Knowing how to advance and retreat, know how to return. Treating life with a normal heart, life, nowhere is not a smooth road. Looking at life with a normal heart, life, nowhere is not a victory.
  16. Choose the person who makes you happy to spend the rest of your life, not the one you have to work hard to please.
  17. Marriage is a pair of shoes. No matter what kind of shoes, the most important thing is to fit. No matter what kind of marriage, the most wonderful thing is harmony. Don't just greet the luxury of shoes, and wronged his own feet. What others see is shoes, and what they feel is their feet. The foot is more important than the shoe. This is a truth. Many people often forget it.
  18. If you think about ordinary life, you will encounter ordinary setbacks. If you want to live the best life, you will definitely get the strongest damage. If your life is already at a low point, then go bold, because you are going all the way up and be a brave person.
  19, never expect, never assume, never force, let it be. If it is destined to happen, it will be as you wish.
  20. When you get it, you are ruining, and when you are lost, you are regretting.