Regret is a greater loss than loss
  1. Give all the unhappiness to yesterday and give all hope to tomorrow. There are rough and bumpy in life, there are wind and rain, there is loss, there is sorrow , and everything is more beneficial. Be an optimistic, open-minded, cheerful person, no more failures, no more misfortunes, there will always be good news.
  2. Don't fantasize yourself too much. Think about what others must know about you. Why do you have to be good to you.
  3. Every time you fall back and stand up again, people will become stronger and stronger . Life, half is memories, and half is to continue.
  4, the tea is cold, then don't continue, and then continue, it is not the original taste; people are gone, don't stay, and then stay, not the original feeling; love is gone, don't relish And, after the recollection, it is not the original mood. Slowly, it will be far away, and gradually will be light. When you have it, cherish it, leave it, and silently bless, the journey of life, no one should accompany you to the end.
  5. Regret is a greater loss than loss, a bigger mistake than mistake, so don't regret it.
  6. The older you are, the more you learn to go with the flow and don't want to retain anything. I believe that it will not go.
  7. Perhaps every love that cannot be continued , there must always be a person responsible for preserving it, so that another person can feel at ease.
  8, I still like myself, I haven’t been upset, I’m not worried, I’m not disappointed.
  9. Sensitive people love to think about things, and soft-hearted people love to ask for trouble.
  10, some things, make you envious, but can not have; some miss, let you nostalgia, but regret for life. Life is coming this way, there is no hole in the sky below, and the clouds are light and windy. No matter how bitter the road ahead, as long as the direction is correct, no matter how rugged, it is closer to happiness than standing in the same place, and living in a world of affection.
  11, the water is turbid, as long as the precipitation for a long time, it will still be exceptionally clear. People are dull, and as long as they work hard enough, they can rewrite their destiny. Don't be angry, the starting point is too low, it is just the origin of our standing. Life is a long race, some people laugh at the beginning, and some people win at the end.
  12, love a person to pay a lot, you have to consider clearly, otherwise you should not love. Feelings are never equal. You care about each other. You don't have to ask if the other person cares about you. You have made a statement that you are happy, so you don't have to be wronged.
  13, recall, really can make a person become a neuropathy, the first second, or the mouth is slightly raised, this second, but it is wet.
  14. Don't bother those who have lived in your memory. Maybe this is the best distance for you.
  15. There are many things in life, but there is only one result. The past is no longer coming back, and the return is no longer perfect. Forgetting, it’s so easy to write, but it’s so hard to do. I used to think that it was not easy to own it. Later I learned that it is even harder to give up. True love is waiting, anyone can say that you love you, but not everyone can wait for you. Love and love, only one more word, but separated by one.