Gradually know that many things can be encountered without asking
  First, sometimes, after a certain degree of disappointment, a flower will come out. The name of the flower is called, it doesn't matter. Therefore, any comfort is not as effective as oneself.
  Second, time is really the best span in the world, let the pain become pale, let the obsessive people choose to leave, and then after the vicissitudes of people come and go, you will understand that everything is life, a little bit can not help.
  Third, some people argue with you every day, but wake up and love you. Some people, even no quarrels, have disappeared into the sea. It turns out that indifference is more terrible than quarreling.
  Fourth, let the reality give you a slap, you know how hypocritical society is. You don’t let the so-called friends hurt you, you know that people are awesome.
  Five, time, will precipitate the most true emotions, wind and rain, will test the warmest companionship. It’s just a glimpse of love that is far away.
  Sixth, good and bad, please accept all the things, do not tell anything to others, after all, this world really does not feel the same, can only be warm and self-aware.
  Seven, when young, even the sentimentality must be rendered earth-shattering. When I grow up, I learn, the more pain, the less moving. The more bitter, the more silent. --Growing is to turn your crying into a silent mode.
  Eight, it’s raining, I know who will send you an umbrella; when I get things, I know who is true to you. Some people will only add icing on the cake and will not send charcoal in the snow; some people will only add fuel to the fire and will not be honest.
  9. Our fear of age is not in the old age brought about by the increase in age, but in fear. As we grow older, we still have nothing to gain.
  Ten, when I was young, crying was our trick to solve the problem. When I grow up, laughter is the weapon we face in reality.
  Eleven, making friends is best to pay the same as their own style, crazy or serious, good personality, say a word to do one thing that kind of tacit understanding and comfort is not acceptable to others. People who are not the same as their own attributes, as if they are always chickens and ducks, are extremely boring.
  Twelve, life is a network of riddled holes. The so-called class reunion is to give all the people present a chance after many years to see what is called 沧海桑田, to see what is the age of the knife, see what is called It is human.
  Thirteen, see why a person must debunk, hate a person and why go to face. When you are alive, there are always people who cannot understand, just as others cannot understand us.
  Fourteen, the beginning of the story is always like this, at the same time, it is too late to prevent. The ending of the story is always like this, with two flowers, one on each other.
  Fifteen, gradually know, a lot of things can be met and not available, not their own, why bother to care. What do you care about, what will afflict you. "Expectation" is the root of all heartache.
  Sixteenth, I later learned that it is a very valuable ability to say different things to different people and to show different attitudes. It is emotional intelligence rather than hypocrisy.
  Seventeen, different people, doing the same thing for you, you will feel a world of difference. Because we care, it is often not what people do, but people who do things.
  Eighteen, every sensible thing is calm, very naive past. Every warm and indifferent now has a sad and uneasy past. Knowing the world and not being the world is the most kind of maturity.
  Nineteen, many times I dug a pit myself, and then jumped in without hesitation. The pit was dug by myself, and the jump was also my own. The last thing I could not climb was myself.
  Twenty, time does not really solve the problem for us. It just makes the problem that can't be solved anymore, no longer important..