"I don't know if it should be green, fat, and thin." There are still many classic lines in this drama . Let's take a look.
  1. Until the mountains and ridges, suspicion, sadness, hesitation, and a large circle of roads, it was discovered that what I wanted was close at hand.
  2, know whether it is no, it should be green fat red thin
  3, I saw her a light willow blue soft soft knight knee-length shirt, the bottom is a snow satin moiré pleated skirt, a cover of a green thin thin makeup flower than A, black oil hair pulled a partial horse Half-hanging hair, with a soft bangs that covered the forehead, only a pair of green emeralds inlaid with a yellow gold and silver squid, and a small white jade wrapped in a crescent-shaped comb, it is like a small tender The green onion, reflecting the pink face, is delicious and wants to bite two. --- Concerned about chaos 4, this calm and indifferent man, whether in the heart, there has been a person, a person who reminds him of his life.
  5, the young children of the rivers and lakes old, dreaming back at midnight, often think of the little girl who throws mud. ---顾廷烨
  6, this story, starting with a Sheng Liu girl, also ended in a Sheng Liu girl, and finally they are very happy;
  7. In my life, I have only loved myself.
  8. Mrs. Liu has said that when there is no hope, I hope that when I am coming.
  9, because of waking, so pain, because understand, so bleak, hope that there is always despair at the end, she dare not hope, do not dare to expect, everyone wakes me alone drunk, but wearing a squat, stepping on the tip of the knife, smirking The past is gone.
  10, happiness, mostly ordinary, even inconspicuous; and tragedy, often is magnificent and brilliant.
  TV drama "Know whether it should be green fat red thin"
  11, I have been admiring for a long time, I am willing to hire as a woman, entrusted to feed, Yan Yan Yan, the end of my life
  12, I know, this should not be said, but... I always feel that I really love, not how much smart things he did, but how much stupid things he did.
  13, flowers bloom, and start again.
  14, the road goes all the way to the sky
  15. I want you, in this house, outside of your shack, do everything I can, and do everything I can, and do everything as you want, and follow your heart.
  16. My heart is faint and painful. I wonder if the people who received the two clay dolls have seen these four words? Don’t always say that they are all lives. You don’t press on your life. Happiness on your head is mostly ordinary and even inconspicuous; and tragedy is often magnificent.
  17. Our nostalgia begins with the upcoming prosperity of a family, and ends with the flower of this family.
  18, he is in the center of the crowd, and she is alone in the cold corner. 
  19. They were all insulted with innocence and enthusiasm in the early days. They learned all kinds of fake ornaments in their lives. They are full of guard and guard against people and things, and they are careful not to believe easily. Until the mountains and the mountains, suspicion, sadness, hesitation, and a large circle of roads, it was discovered that what I wanted was close at hand.
  20, all the emotional disturbances, starting in the afternoon of a young man surnamed the curtain, also ended in the death of this boy, he is finally happy, no one knows;
  21, but, you know, if you really have a person in your heart, you will make mistakes in an emergency. The so-called concern is chaos.
  22, secular husband and wife, too much entanglement is easy to hurt, calm and vague after a lifetime, is the best.
  23, the man's facial features are deep, as deep as the night, only standing there quietly, the shadows of several pieces of sea otter leaves are slanting on his face, partially obscured, some black and white. Straight robes, the corners are hidden and old.
  24, the ink is gray, should be written decades ago, faintly visible and beautiful. My heart was faint and painful. I thought, have you ever seen these two words when you received these two clay dolls?
  25, don't always say that it is a life, you don't press on your life, your life will be on your head.
  26. When Ming Lan was young, he accompanied the grandmother to the Buddha, and believed in the causal cycle. If you dare to do it in life, you should dare to do it. No matter who is going wrong, Huang Quan on the world, there must be a place to retribute, no one should shout. Ming Lan dare to say this!"