Classic Quotations : May your eyebrows look like the beginning, the years are like
  1, intermittent blood and blood, long time confused and lazy.
  2, all the lazy stolen, will become a slap in the face.
  3, In fact, the love I want is very simple, you will listen when I speak, you will love when I am willful, you will be when I need it.
  4, want to be different, but always with the peace of mind, want to do a lot of things that have not been done, but in the real troubles before eating and drinking Lazard bowed their heads, we are intermittently full of blood, long time confused and lazy. Don't wait, try harder. - Zhang Wei
  5. Anyone has something that is not good at it. Since he has tried his best, why should people feel pain for their shortcomings?
  6. Life is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, nothing more. - Wilde
  7. If you are without you, the better everything, the more sad I am . - "An American in Paris"
  8, nothing to go through, just can't go back, crying, crying, licking, touching the head. - Big ice
  9, companionship is the most long-lasting confession, looks good is accompanied, long ugly is entangled.
  10. I hope someone will accompany you and join hands to live a long time in life.
  11, we are already strange to the point of sending a message to the other party to hesitate. The only tacit understanding is that I will not look for you, and you will never come to me.
  12, all the farewell, the most like: see you tomorrow. Among all the blessings, the most preferred: as you wish.
  13, - Q: "Do you have a bad relationship?" - A: "Shun, there are no people along the way."
  14, too many love words make people feel bad, too many philosophies are numb, too many realities make us look sophisticated, simple, how extravagant.
  15, the best way to deal with the end of a relationship is: do not disturb not entangled, do not miss.
  16. The biggest torment in the world is that there is contempt in love. - Maugham
  17, do not treat each enthusiasm, do not please any indifference. Friendship is so, love is also true.
  18, I am still young, love can be late, but express and takeaway, a little late.
  19. When I sleep in the arms of a person I like, I will not sleep.
  20, may you have the same eyebrows, the years are like.