Good night to your own classic quotations , sentence into the heart
  1. No, you can't bleed when you bleed. If you are afraid of black, turn on the lights. If you miss, you will contact. If you are tired, you will be emptied. If you are isolated, you will be pleased. If you are vulnerable, you will be homesick. Don’t be blinded by the present. After all, you must grow up and be the darkest. That road will eventually be finished by myself. good night!
  2, time will be the most deceptive, but also let you understand that there is nothing in this world that can not be lost, leaving the scenery, leaving the life, the last, the right person. good night!
  3, I have to wait for everything to be reminiscent, only to come to pains and regrets. Life is not divided into high and low, and you should not look at yourself at any time. good night!
  4, time will tell us, simple like, the longest; companionship in the ordinary, the most peace of mind; people who know you, the warmest. good night!
  5, everyone will have an unusually difficult time, no one cares how you cry in the middle of the night, how others feel the same, only for a moment. If you are tired and tired again, it will be harder, and you can only support yourself alone. good night!
  6. Give yourself some time. Forgive yourself for doing a lot of stupid things. Accept yourself and love yourself. The past will pass, and all that comes is on the road. good night!
  7, a lot of troubles stem from not enough heart. Do everything to take into account the feelings of others, you always care about others, who will take care of you. good night!
  8, the sky is not always sunny, the sun does not always shine. A lot of things, when you have experienced it, you know it, a lot of changes, you don't need to say it, you know it. good night!
  9, do useful things, think of good things, sleep well. Take time to progress, not complain. good night!
  10, it takes a moment to reach out, but it takes many years to hold hands. No matter who you meet, he is the one who appears in your life. It is no accident. good night!
  11, do not think too complicated, the hand is held too tight, things will be broken, the hand will hurt. good night!
  12. Life is just like this, and it is cherished. You will always be your own protagonist, don't always act as a supporting role in other people's dramas. good night!
  13, some people come to your world is to miss, his departure is just to let you learn to be independent, so that you have the ability to become a better self. good night!
  14. Be strong, believe in yourself; be firm, believe in your feelings. There are many things in life that are impossible to meet. good night!
  15. There is no need to deliberately meet someone, and they are not eager to have anyone, and they are not reluctant to retain. Everything goes with the flow, and the best is left to the last person. good night!
  16. If you don't get paid, you must know how to stop. Otherwise, you will disturb others and hurt yourself. good night!
  17, some things, want to have more headaches, figured out the distress. So don't think about it if you don't want it, don't even if you don't get it. Silence is the best explanation when it comes to saying nothing. good night!
  18. If you wait until everything is right, do it, then you may never be able to do anything. good night!
  19. The more people do it, the easier it is for you to go. So many times, you should be grateful to those who don't care about you. good night!
  20, life has no eternal pain, and then deep pain, the wound will always heal. There is no rehearsal in life, so cherish the present and grasp the minute and second in life. good night!