Heart emotions and understanding 16 sentences: beautiful classic quotations, deep into the hearts of the people
  1. Remember the most sad time. I want to write a diary. I always remember the sentence I wrote on the first page: "All the roads you have traveled are the only way to go. Life will not be abandoned because of you. Ideal and simple. What is the fulcrum of a person? It is yourself. Stand up straight, don't let others help you."
  2. Many times, I have lost my self. When I heard people talking about liberation and talking about personality, I discovered that everyone is so different from everyone. Creating a biologically consistent, but differently diverse group of people, this is the greatest place in nature.
  3. Life is always a joke, what are you looking forward to, what will be farther away from you; whoever you are attached, will be hurt the most. Don't be too obsessed with doing things, insist not to be too persistent; learn to let go, let go of unrealistic expectations, let go of the unsuccessful obstinacy, lose everything, the last second has passed; nothing can be left, the past will not turn back Only enjoy the happiness and happiness of the moment.
  4, each heart, there is an irreplaceable feeling and a certain landscape is always associated. Life is a process of cultivation. Why do you treat people and things with this uneven heart, and practice yourself and live up to the years. Don't rely on others in everything. In this world, the people who can best depend on you are themselves, and those who can save you can only be themselves.
  5, modern people live in a society full of competition, all kinds of pressures come one after another, we then recognize the pursuit of high-quality lifestyle is everyone's yearning, so they work hard, people put I became a working machine, kept working, and forgot my life.
  6, read the prosperity of life, or plain and true. We have experienced the storm, we don't care if there is a rainbow in life, and the most important thing is that we have passed.
  7, find yourself a diagnosis is a diagnosis, to find things for yourself is to hone, to analyze yourself is a confidant, to laugh at yourself is an incentive . Life, once you enter life and entertainment, you should be free and indulgent, free and unrestrained. Such as Zhuang Zhou Mengdie, if people can break the boundaries between life and death, things and me, then there is no happiness.
  8, there are days outside the sky, people on the people, indifferent to Mingzhi, quiet and far away. When others take you as a leader, don't take yourself as a leader. When others don't take you as leaders, you must take yourself as a leader. Power is temporary, and money is outside the body. The body is its own, and the person is long-lasting.
  9, people sometimes tend to be very tired, physical exhaustion, from the carrying of external labor, the inner entanglement. Many times we didn't find out that it was because we were too busy to have time or tired of numbness; but when we calmed down, we felt that we were so tired. It is like a rest after sweating, or a calm after falling out of love. This is not a disease-free, but it is really tired.
  10, three sentences to the troubled self: the first sentence "calculate it" tells himself that everything works hard but can't be persistent; the second sentence "doesn't matter" tells himself that if everything works hard, there is no remorse; the third sentence "will In the past, "tell yourself, the sunshine is always after the storm. No matter what happens, everything is the best arrangement.
  11. Many things in life are unattainable, deliberately demanding, and often not expected. Therefore, we must have a peaceful and comfortable heart, everything goes with the flow, let it go, no anger, no rush, no excessive, no insistence, no pessimism, no stereotype, no fluster, no forgetting, no object, no I am sad.
  12. When you feel that everything is unsatisfactory, don't feel inferior. Remember that you are just an ordinary person. When others ignore you, don't be sad, everyone has their own life, no one can accompany you all the time. When you see others laughing, don't think that only one person in the world is sad, in fact, others are just more than you will cover up. When you are helpless, you can cry, but crying you must cheer up, even if you lose everything, don't lose your smile.
  13. A simple state of mind, and the same nature of dreams stem from the initial feelings of nature and life. This is unrealizable in the secular, by those who are suffering from objective reality and malicious slander. In the end, I understand that having a dream and realizing a dream is the same beauty.
  14, life is like a cup of coffee without sugar, it is bitter to drink, but aftertaste, there is a fragrance that will not retreat for a long time.
  15. Life is a performance. It takes more than a hundred exercises to get a beautiful look. Life gives you some pain just to tell you what it wants to teach you. If you don't learn again, you will suffer once, always learn, and you will wrestle in the same place.
  16, a truly beautiful woman is like a book, a good face is a cover, the inner heart of wisdom is the inner page, no one will stare at the cover endlessly, but will stay in the book for a long time. True beauty, self- confidence , elegance, and tenacity, savvy and open-minded, capable and versatile. Being elegant and old is the most beautiful end and the best start.