1, the old man did not dare to mention, afraid of sadness. Newcomers don't dare to touch, afraid to live up to it. Only wine, hurt is not sad. I will take care of this wine, and I hope that you will not be sorrowful for the rest of your life.
  2. I thought that love can fill the regrets of life. However, it is love that creates more regrets.
  3, flowers with the wind, rain with clouds and clear, passers-by in a hurry, meet the end of the period, passing the scenery, experienced past events, just in the heart.
  4. Although you were a drunk last night, you are a hero today. --"Thirteen Girls in Jinling"
  5, the time has been exhausted, the world is still long, I am in the middle, should rest. ——Gu Cheng
  6. My biggest wish is that your tears are all about happiness.
  7. May someone have a twilight with you, someone asks you that porridge can be warm.
  8. May you remember one truth: as long as you become better, other things will follow suit.
  9. One day, I will accept all the impermanence of life, just as I finally accept the fact that I am old.
  10, don't drill the horns, you are so fat and can't go in.
  11. I still feel that the struggling relationship is a wrong relationship. It is very easy for people who are really right to get along.
  12, I feel bad about you, hurt to ignore myself. I believe in you, believe in doubting yourself.
  13. How many people can regain the courage of love after the release of the suspicion? How many people can find that person waiting in the same place when they want to love? I hope that all of them will be reunited for a long time.
  14. Do you want to be happy? I hope you first learn to eat hard. - Turgenev
  15. I used to think that I would always be like twenty years old, desperately fearless and eternal, and then I found that after a few years I didn’t have the strength to fight.
  16. I think you must be very busy, so you only have to look at the first three words.
  17. There are many people in the world who are inexplicably bad luck. They are all angry at the fate and live with anger as strength.
  18, be a man , I will go straight and go; treat others, I am sincere.
  19. We have forgotten that the reason why there are so many regrets and misses in feelings is that many people are hesitant in the face of love, afraid of being rejected, afraid of losing, afraid of being cherished because of their initiative.
  20, feelings are a very wonderful thing, to bear too much or pay too much, are tragedies. Too much to bear is a owe, and paying too much is heartbreaking!