1. When I leave him, I understand that love is one thing. Life is one thing. Meeting is one thing, and time is another.
  2, the embarrassing jokes do not open, people do not want to do things resentful, know how to stop and not annoying.
  3, the winter is falling, you are not there, who is who you are in spring.
  4, but you are too careless to ignore my feelings, but I am too persistent to care about the gentleness you have given.
  5, too arduous person, suitable for buying food, not suitable for falling in love.
  6, some roads, no one to accompany you, no one understands you, can only go to the scalp. Because, there is no choice.
  7, like a person to become a lot of words, like to give him the past and present.
  8. Being considered a student, not because you are young, but because you are dressed.
  9, allow frequent return, but remember to go forward.
  10. May we all meet a person, just like having the world.
  11, one day, one blink; one year, one autumn cold; a lifetime, a sigh; a smile and cry, a lifetime. Passing by is always the scenery, leaving behind is life.
  12, cherish the porridge of the past, but the wild wine that is full of thoughts can be left alone.
  13. It is not easy to meet someone who can share happiness. It is the kind of person who will not marry you and will not laugh at you, just because you are happy and happy for you.
  14. The Chinese is a good year, but it is not counted. ——Wang Anyi
  15. Although I know the ending, I am still a very committed person. You must not know that I love you so hopelessly.
  16, you do not need to let everyone like you, there are so many people like you is enough.
  17. Don't pretend if you don't like it. Don't be reluctant if you don't like it. Life is not so easy. Why bother yourself.
  18. The disappointment never disappoints me. Every time I seriously accept it, I am disappointed.
  19. Try harder again, and the tears of regret are too bitter.
  20, you accompany me for a ride, I will read your life.