1, the world is very small, small to see you when you close your eyes, the world is very big, you can't see you in a blink of an eye.
  2, girls do not run at night, too dangerous, in case of encountering a barbecue stall is over.
  3, the best feeling is that even if we have not seen each other for a long time, each rushing, and when they meet again, they can be as good as before. Let's go crazy together and have a happy laugh together.
  4. You only see the glow of the firefly, but you don't see the wings that are desperately moving behind it.
  5, there will be such a person, when you are most sad, hold up a day for you.
  6. When you are no longer happy, open the door. It is not for you to leave, but for other opportunities to come in.
  7. Don't be stupid enough to measure your feelings with the length of your understanding.
  8. Where is it, where is it blooming. Don't forget the fragrance because you are sad. - Watanabe and Son
  9. In fact, the world does not feel the same thing at all. If the needle does not stab others, they will not know how much pain it has.
  10. When there is no road, we will get lost. When there is more road, we will also get lost. - Chi Zijian
  11, when you want to go back, let me say the following, I will run to you in spite of everything.
  12, a long day, there are also moments to say good night; rich life, but also say when to leave.
  13, trouble you to heart, stand in my position, take a look at it.
  14. The important rules of life: 1. Forgive yourself. 2. Don't care about the eyes of others. 3. Have a good night's sleep.
  15. When you can't find a good angle in your self-timer, you must realize that you are better than the photo.
  16. People who cannot control themselves cannot be called free people. - Pythagoras
  17, the best product in the world, is to wake up every day to send you a new day, completely free, always goods.
  18. New Year's Eve, there is economic pressure to live outside, and there is mental stress at home.
  19. Losing is a matter of moments. Yesterday was more than that. Today, I found nothing.
  20, leaving the scenery, leaving behind is life.