1. Love is easy to die, marriage is fragile, so I pursue the independence of material and spiritual day and night.
  2, the person who can control your mood, must be your favorite person; the person who can't bear the sadness of you, must be the one who loves you the most.
  3, to be a wicked wicked person, do not want to be a bad person who is slaughtered.
  4, we have already passed the age of listening to love, knowing that love is only an additive to love, what really can be food and clothing are those down-to-earth actions.
  5, not in the most beautiful time to meet, but to meet you, only have the most beautiful time.
  6, I hope that lovers will treat you as early as possible, hurting you into the bones, and since then, you will not be disappointed.
  7. I want to know the kind of person who is super funny, has a good temper, and is considerate and gentle.
  8. After a lot of words, I was too lazy to say it. After a lot of disappointment, I didn’t care.
  9. Don't complain to others, don't sigh at yourself, even if you live a lot of fun every day, you have to be as decent as possible.
  10, I hope that lovers will treat you as you have, hurting you into the bones, and since then, you will not be disappointed.
  11, cold and hot days are easy to hurt, and people who are hot and cold, it is easy to make people sad.
  12, ordinary and simple, safe and ordinary, really not simple. - San Mao
  13. May the lonely person not have to be stubborn forever, and the reluctant person will always have a shoulder around him.
  14. I want to work hard to be better, so good enough to stand in front of you, so that you can't refuse it.
  15. Those who really want to send you something will not ask you if you want to. If someone asks you if you want it or not, it is best to refuse.
  16. Our hard work is to let the boss live a better life.
  17, but also later learned, and people who do not love themselves is born by the mountains and seas, spare no effort to pull into each other is futile, it is best to stare far away and forget.
  18, life and gain coexist, you have a breeze, you must return the moon. - Bai Luomei
  19, meet at first sight, looking back is a lifetime.
  20, fresh is love, addiction is feelings.