1. For the young people who are growing up, there are two of the biggest enemies. One is the sudden appreciation and praise. The other is the frequent blows and disobedience. —— Bai Yansong
  2, the old time can not go back, I hope you always have a heart of the child.
  3, seeing more is right and wrong, after a long period of warmth and warmth, more and more like the feeling of quiet.
  4, courtesy and upbringing are not just dry and thin, but also thoughtful and considerate, and this test is not only emotional intelligence, but also your kindness.
  5, there is a sentence can not be said, there is a hand can not be held, there is a paragraph can not be embarrassed, some people can not read.
  6, I watched the geese fly south to the south, the original animal also knows that the cold should go backwards, chilling should give up.
  7, give up, often have been owned. At the moment of silence, we are all tired.
  8. You close your eyes and the world still exists. --"Memory pieces"
  9, earlycomers may not be successful, late arrivals may not reach. You can't be self-sufficient and you can't be old and give up.
  10. The inner heart of a hundred poisons is often defeated by a simple comfort; the disguise of invulnerability often surrenders in front of those who understand you.
  11. In a relationship, patience is more important than appropriate.
  12, through the rivers and lakes, you are returning.
  13, remember that girls do not do first, second do not take the initiative, the third thing to do is worthy of yourself, just miss it.
  14. You should respect three kinds of people in this life. One is the one who raises you, the other one who helps you when you fall, and the other who accompany you to the old.
  15. People in this life are like crowded buses. Some people sit on the bus and some people always have to stand at the end.
  16. You can't make everyone happy, because not everyone is a human.
  17. Every identity of a person is a self-abduction. Only loss is the way to freedom. ——Liu Yu
  18, human fireworks, mountains and rivers are vast, no one is you, no one is you.
  19. If every word I have said is up to you, it is not love, you just want to win.
  20, Xu your good time, accompany you old; if you are still, I still love.