1. Real people, real things, are often not as good as they think.
  2, "I like you", I took a few bends in my intestines, fell on my chest several times, climbed into my throat and started to timid, slipped to my mouth and changed my face, finally disguised Dress up as "What are you doing?"
  3, the weather is cold, the year is near, I want to go home soon. Eating dumplings, listening to my mother's jealousy, and fighting with my dad, remembering these, all the grievances and fatigue were cured in half.
  4. It is clearly rejected by the world, but you feel that the world is embarrassing yourself.
  5, many people are not isolated, but have the principle to selectively socialize. And people who like it are a thousand words, and others don't mention it.
  6. Close the door to the past and the future, living in a completely independent world today. - Carnegie
  7, the first time to be a man , no experience, all the sad and unwilling, smile and accept it. After this hurdle, I will be more happy. If I can't get through, I will give you experience in the next life.
  8. A little embarrassment may be an opportunity for bitterness. - "City of Love"
  9. Maybe you will understand it after a long time. People who are as stubborn as me are willing to have enough courage to ask you not to leave me, but also how much effort will drive you out. My life.
  10, you have seen so many beautiful scenery, but did not find, the most beautiful one, always hidden in your heart.
  11. May you have a dream for a horse, and you can live anywhere.
  12, some people share, happiness will double, sorrow will be halved. - Eileen Chang
  13, the right person does not necessarily have to have high emotional intelligence, but you must understand your point, know how to make you happy, so long life together will not be too much effort.
  14. Do not ask if there is a future, but there is no regret in this life. ——Liang Yusheng
  15. A wise man will not let friends make choices in their own interests and interests, but will try to create mutual interests. Only stupid people will test human nature, and then both lose.
  In 16 and 2019, I would like to give you four suggestions: Cherish the people who cherish you, give up giving up, and care for those who care about you, good for those who are good to you.
  17. What kind of person are you, you know it well, what kind of days do you have to enjoy or take on yourself, bitter days, good days, no need to make everyone understand and understand.
  18. The so-called waiting is just a reason not to give up; the so-called persistence is just an excuse for not leaving.